I do love it when a retailer surprises with me with their new season collection.

Can you guess where these are from?:










These sky blue suede sandals have perspex heels for a modern touch. They are also terribly comfortable because of the Insolia®, which “redistributes your weight away from the balls of your feet, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability”.







Fancy a little animal print, but don’t feel quite feline enough to go for full-on leopard? These almond-toed pumps with their trendy set-back block heels, will act as a wardrobe neutral without being boring.








The metal plate detail on these royal blue suede wedge sandals, gives a fashion edge to an easy-to-wear style. The Insolia Flex® “makes walking in flats more comfortable by insuring your foot is correctly placed within your shoes, and improving the natural rotational movement of the ball of the foot.” That sounds good to me (and my feet).











This one is likely to throw you off your guessing path. A party sandal for the fashionista in you, in fun multi-coloured leopard print fabric, with an on-trend block heel and sexy ankle-strap. These also boast Insolia® technology, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for your love of fashion.







Combining two of my favourite colours: grey and gold. These flat sandals will look chic with rolled up jeans, or cropped tailored trousers. They combine the comfort of that Insolia Flex® stuff with an on-trend look. How great would these look if you paint your toe-nails gold?







For a Missoni look on a sweet pump, look no further. Great for weekends out shopping or lunching, or even garden parties with a simple A-line shirt dress. Yes, yes they’ve got Insolia Flex® so you’ll be fine walking for long periods.

If you haven’t yet clicked on one of the images to discover where these pretties are from, here’s a hint: they’re from a great British stalwart.

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