National Post reported in December 2011, that Christian Louboutin was intrigued when a party guest told him that a woman’s foot position while wearing a stiletto, is the same as it is when she is having an orgasm.

That is not necessarily the truth, but certainly high heels have something to do with sex, sensuality, gender equality and confidence.

 1.      Sex

I’m sure that all of you know what ‘fuck me shoes’ are; usually very high heels and mostly in provocative colours. As the name suggests these shoes give out the message of sexual readiness and availability.

How did we start to perceive very high heels as an invitation to sex? They are usually very uncomfortable but they also help women’s bodies to look more sexually attractive, by forcing a specific posture and changing the proportions to be more favourable. Therefore they serve as an attractiveness enhancing tool.

However, they are not called ‘fuck me shoes’ for nothing. They increase the purely sexual attractiveness but decrease the romantic attractiveness. As they make a woman look sexually available, they decrease her chances of being perceived as a potential permanent partner. To get a guy to sleep with you, wear ‘fuck me shoes’. To get a guy to marry you, wear more sensual heels.

2.      Sensuality

Sensuality is more about intimacy than sex. It is more about the desire and imagination than consummation. When men look for a permanent partner, they look for women who are not exposing most of their bodies, as it allows them to imagine what is underneath the clothes.

Men only need to see the shape not the flesh. The right heel is going to help to create a more sensual womanly shape by helping a woman with her posture.

When you wear a mid-height heel, you stand straight, your belly is sucked in, the breasts are accentuated and the bottom has a better shape. These small corrections to your body shape, achieved by wearing a right height heel take you one step closer to the look that evolution has taught men is attractive.

3.      Gender Equality

A lot of women say that heels were invented by men to make it harder for women to run away from them. You might laugh, but there is a seed of truth in it.

For centuries, wealthy Japanese families broke and bandaged their daughters’ feet to make them look smaller, as small feet were considered attractive to men and were also a sign of high status. You might ask what small feet have got to do with high status. The process of breaking the bones very often lead to disability, hence these women weren’t able to work. As only women coming from high social class did not have to work, the inability to earn a living caused by disability following the foot binding practice, was considered attractive.

In Western cultures we might not use foot binding, but wealthy women in Europe and the U.S.were known to wear corsets that did not allow them to breathe, and shoes made of thin fabrics allowing them to only walk on even, dry and clean surfaces. The high heel is only another extension of this practice of showing your high social status.

Most really high stilettos are uncomfortable; therefore a woman can’t walk in them without being supported, and who’s better to do that than a man? She also can’t really work in them. So she needs a man to help her walk, to drive her, to support her and his advantage is that she can’t run. Therefore even though they both gain from a woman wearing high heels, the man seems to be calling the shots.

4.      Confidence

As I mentioned before, as soon as you put a heel on, your posture changes for the better. You see yourself in a mirror and you like your body shape more. You get complements from other people saying that you look amazing, and asking you if you have lost some weight. This cocktail of good feeling and good feedback improves your self-image and raises your confidence.


Although the party guest who intrigued Christian Louboutin with the comment about orgasm and heels was not entirely right, we certainly know now where she was coming from.

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