• A sleek, elegant look which also keeps your legs toasty. The elastic on the back of these tan Dune boots ensures they fit many calf widths.
  • Is your style more relaxed? These rich chocolate Ugg boots look great with jeans and casual layers.
  • Biker looks don't have to include top to toe leathers and buckles galore. Office have this pared back lady-like version for you, to give a subtle nod to this trend.
  • Doc Martens aren't just for teens and mods. This furry-lined brown ankle boot gives a softer look, looks a tad rebellious, and is practical for freezing temps.
  • Rain wear doesn't have to look like something from your mum's wardrobe. These cute pink boots will bring out your inner kid, whilst displaying your love of heels.


Wondering what to wear this weekend? Take inspiration from my quick guide to dressing for your down time in chilly weather.

All of the boot styles are shoppable, so just click on each slide to nab a pair for yourself.

Which winter weekend style best represents your look? Let me know in the comments, or on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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