There was a generation of women for whom the 1980s could be seen as a regretful decade. Many wholeheartedly embraced the pointed stiletto trend of the time, and ended up with deformed feet and bunions.

You might be surprised to learn that in my mission to promote comfortable AND beautiful footwear, I don’t recommend avoiding pointed footwear completely.

Younger shoe-lovers can learn some lessons from our mothers’ generation.

My top tips for wearing shoes with pointed toes

1. Alternate round and pointed-toed footwear from one day to the next. One of the problems with those 80s stilettos was that ladies wore them to work day in, day out.

2. Wear flat points to decrease the pressure on your toes. If you wear heeled points, give your feet a couple of days to recover in more spacious toe-shapes.

3. Buy shoes with leather uppers and linings, as these will stand the best chance of giving a little to form around your feet. Fabric and synthetic materials don’t stretch.

4. Practice yoga or pilates. Both of these disciplines help you to stretch your toes back out.

5. Visit a chiropodist if you have any foot concerns. I know it’s not a sexy thing to spend your money on, but uncared-for feet aren’t pretty either.


With leather uppers and linings, these Office pumps with their small platform are flat without losing you too much height.

The silver works well for day-to-evening, white is great for a sporty but smart weekend look, and many of you can get away with the black for work.


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