Having trouble finding wider fitting womens shoes in the UK? The great news is you can find shoes in D, E, EE, EEE, EEEE, 5E & 6E fittings. Beautiful wide womens shoes, boots or sandals for your wider than average feet are within your grasp.

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This list of retailers who stock wide fitting womens shoes means your poor squashed feet can finally breathe. You don’t need to compromise on style either. There are plenty of options for the style conscious.

Many of the companies listed here are UK-based. I’ve also included some from other countries who will dispatch to the UK.


Sargasso & Grey

British shoe company making elegant and stylish shoes for everyday or occasion, in a wider fit.

sargasso and grey wide womens shoes logo

Calla Shoes

Elegant and stylish heels and flats specifically designed for women who suffer from bunions.

calla wide fitting womens shoes


This high street stalwart offers a good selection of options in E fitting, and a few in EE.

clarks wide womens shoes logo

Ellie Dickins Shoes

Numerous classic and comfortable options in width fittings all the way up to 8E.

Ellie Dickins shoes wide womens shoes logo

Medissa Shoes

Options in E and EE fitting.

medissa large womens shoes logo

Shoes of Prey

Fully customisable styles, available in E and EE widths. Select your preferred combination of colour, material and style.

shoes of prey large womens shoes logo

Charles Clinkard

Classic, comfortable and more modern styles in wide and extra wide fittings.

Charles Clinkard wide womens shoes logo

Fashion World

Stylish affordable options from E up to 5E width fitting.

Fashion World wide womens shoes logo


An assortment of well-priced fashion forward styles in E to EEE fitting.

vivaladiva wide womens shoes logo

Elegant Steps

Specialists in bridal and occasion styles, offering glamorous shoes and sandals up to EEE fitting.

elegant steps wide womens shoes logo


Plenty of classic and comfortable styles in E and EEE widths, with a few options in 5E fitting.

marisota wide womens shoes logo

New Look

Many wide fitting versions of on-trend styles, and a large selection of classics.

new look wide womens shoes logo


E and EEE fittings offered in a broad range of styles, all at affordable prices.

Evans wide womens shoes logo

Simply Be

Lovely stylish shoes and basics in E and EEE fitting.

simply be wide womens shoes border


Extra wide EEEEE+ fitting offered in all styles. Comfort for those with medical issues is a focus.

Cosyfeet wide womens shoes logo


Comfortable footwear for those requiring extra wide 4E-6E fittings.

sandpiper wide womens shoes logo

Duo Boots

This brand offers trendy and more classic options. Prices are at the higher end of the high street, but materials and quality are good. Their wider fit ankle boots are around a D fitting. Knee high boots also come with wider foot fitting if ordered with a calf width above a certain measurement.

Duo Boots logo

Dorothy Perkins

Stylish and feminine heels and flats in wide fitting.

dorothy perkins wide womens shoes


Numerous wide fitting options with useful reviews.

amazon wide womens shoes logo


A few wide fitting options from Canadian brand Solea.

shoeaholics wide shoes logo


Wide fit is offered in many classic and comfortable styles from this German brand.

gabor wide womens shoes logo


Beautiful sandals and clogs customised to your specifications. Available in wide fitting.

mohop wide womens shoes border


If you know of any other great companies selling wide fitting womens shoes, please share their details in the comments.

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