I recently went to the Ruin Lust exhibition at Tate Britain. Perhaps it is rather a morbid fascination, but I love to see once-great buildings in a state of decay and reclaimed by nature.









If you’re interested in this sort of thing, you will love the photos on Derelict London.

Anyway, all of this made me think about the connection we have with old and battered things. Typically, my mind then wandered to footwear.

What is it about a well-loved pair of boots that makes them so…well…loved?









Most footwear requires some degree of wearing in. During that period, you may feel hate towards your boots for the blisters, pain, and maybe even bleeding they are causing.

Once the boots stop rubbing, you will wear them to many places. They may take you to a festival, out shopping, on a date, to work, or even a job interview. They may keep your feet dry in a rain deluge, or help you to climb a long hill.

Those boots will gradually, and obligingly, form to the shape of your feet.

The journeys you take with your boots will bond you to them. You will appreciate that they are your most hard-working item of clothing.

Does this help you to understand why you feel such pangs of regret when you finally have to say goodbye to old boots?

Tell me about your favourite pair of boots in the comments or tweet me @shoeconsultant.

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