Have you heard the term “toe cleavage”? If you haven’t, it refers to being able to see the lines between your toes, for example in a low-cut court shoe or ballet pump.

The comparison between toes and breasts is an intriguing one. Whereas breasts are frequently seen as objects of sexual desire, the love of toes is considered to be a fetish.

Isn’t the current norm for defining toe cleavage as sexy, therefore bizarre?

According to modern thinking, depending on the level of sexuality you wish to evoke, you can opt for a cut of shoe which shows the gaps between all, a couple or none of your toes.

My practical advice is to be aware that the lower the cut of your shoes, the less support they will offer and the more likely they are to rub. With slip-on court styles, low cuts can mean that the shoe is more likely to come off, potentially causing injury.

If you believe the correlation between sexiness and amount of toe cleavage, you might be keen to exercise caution when it comes to exposing your toe cracks (ahem) in work or other formal situations.

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