I was bought Caitlin Moran’s witty, intelligent, and highly perceptive book “How to be a Woman” for Christmas by my husband. The uncomfortable conversation which followed the present opening went from: did he think I didn’t know how to embody my gender, to oh I get it, you just know my taste in books exceptionally well.

Unsurprisingly, the chapter which resonated the most with me was “I get into fashion!”, in which amongst other subjects, Caitlin says exactly what she thinks about high heels.

Ms Moran lists “all the shoes I don’t wear”, and then goes on to describe “Women’s Unworn Shoe Collections…All women have one of these caches of shoes hidden…”

Going on to question women’s attitudes to high heels, she provides a funny but heartbreakingly true comparison:

“Women buy shoes and gigglingly say, ‘Of course, they’re agony – I’m just going to have to sit on a barstool all night, and be helped to the toilet by friends, or passers-by,’ despite it sounding as OUTRIGHT INSANE as going, ‘I’ve just bought a house – it doesn’t have a roof, of course, so I’m just going to sit in the front room with an umbrella up.'”

Who really wants to be the kind of woman the author describes? Not you, I’m sure.

It sounds as though Caitlin needs my missions to be accomplished sooner rather than later:

“I’m going to sit out the entire world of chick footwear until designers make some that it’s possible to walk in, for more than an hour, with the easy gait of Gene Kelly about to break into a routine, and no day-long pain afterwards”.

My missions are:

  • Helping women to make better decisions about the footwear they buy, and avoid having a wardrobe full of footwear they can’t wear
  • To campaign for shoes that are both comfortable AND beautiful

You will all find my “5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Shoes” series essential reading:

Tip 1

Tip 2

Tip 3

Tip 4

Check back on the blog, or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out when Tip 5 goes live!

Don’t worry Caitlin and the rest of womankind! I’m working with some amazing brands at the moment, who are determined to take the pain out of wearing high heels.

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