People talk about wearing their shoes in, and everyone knows that shoes tend to become more comfortable after a few wears.

It is my opinion that your feet adapt to your footwear, just as your shoes will slightly mould to the shape of your feet.

Think about those sandals you wore so much last summer, that were so comfortable by the end of the season. Now your feet have become softened by wearing boots all winter, those beloved sandals may give you blisters.

Why does the skin on our feet get softer due to wearing boots?

Wrapped in thick tights or socks, and surrounded by boots which have few potential points of friction or abrasion against your foot, they have been cosseted; protected from the world.

The Problem

When the warmer weather comes, those poor feet are thrust out into the world with only a few straps to cover them. The soft skin is weaker, and more prone to blisters.

The Solution

Some people recommend wiping surgical spirit on your feet to toughen the skin, but this has never worked for me.

Here is The Shoe Consultant’s method for wearing in your feet for summer:

Wear a pair of sandals long enough for them to start rubbing. Stop. Wear a different style of footwear until your feet have fully healed.

Once the skin looks back to normal, wear the sandals again until they rub.

Repeat this process until you can wear the sandals comfortably. The skin on your feet will become slightly tougher in the rubbed areas, but not visibly so. These tougher areas of skin will resist blisters well, until you allow your feet to soften in winter, or do not wear that pair of sandals for a month or so.

This method works equally as well for new footwear, and styles you have not worn for some time.

I am a big fan of Compeed blister plasters, and own-brand versions are also pretty good. The more TLC you give your blistered feet, the faster they can heal, and the sooner you can wear those sandals again.

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