Have you given up on high heels because of the pain? Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to wearing flats, and carrying your heels to change into. If you’ve ever wondered how you can find truly comfortable high heels, then read on.

truly comfortable high heels uncomfortable pink stilettos

On my continuous quest to find brands who are making high heels more wearable, I came across an amazing lady. Dr. Liza Egbogah BSc, DC, DOMP is one of North America’s leading body and posture experts. She practices as a manual osteopath, and is the clinic director of the[fix], a boutique osteopathy, chiropractic and massage clinic in Toronto. Frequently appearing on morning shows across Canada’s TV networks, Dr. Liza loves to talk about her shoe brand.

Dr. Liza pump shoes truly comfortable high heels

Launched in Spring 2017, the dr. Liza pump is the answer to many women’s prayers.


10 things you’ll love about Dr. Liza’s truly comfortable high heels

1. They have 3.75″/95mm heels but feel like 3″/80mm because of the 0.75″/20mm platform.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels

2. The heels are really well balanced, helping to prevent dangerous wobbles when walking.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels walking in heels


3. These court shoes have the perfect amount of toe cleavage (the gaps between your toes). Not so much toe cleavage that the shoes don’t stay on, but exposed enough that the style doesn’t look frumpy.

Dr. Liza shoes perfect toe cleavage truly comfortable high heels

4. The soles have better grip than many high heels, so you don’t need to worry about slipping over.

Dr. Liza shoes non-slip soles truly comfortable high heels

5. The style is conservative enough for the office, and sexy enough for fun after work.

Dr. Liza Shoes truly comfortable high heels

6. The comfortable cushioning and arch support is like a cradle for your feet.

Dr. Liza Shoes truly comfortable high heels

7. The soft leather upper gives extra comfort, as well as a rich, premium look.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels

8. The leather lining ensures your feet feel comfortable, not clammy. Leather absorbs perspiration away from your feet.

Dr. Liza Shoes leather lining truly comfortable high heels

9. The rocker shape of the sole helps you to walk more naturally and comfortably.

Dr. Liza pump rocker sole truly comfortable high heels

10. The subtle branding. Every colour has the same neat blue heel tab and sole.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels

Dr. Liza ships her truly comfortable high heels to the UK and other countries around the world. Why not put a pair on your Christmas list?

santa shoes please bauble

If you struggle to find comfortable high heels, it’s time to book yourself a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session. You’ll be amazed by the transformation you’ll see in your shoes and your confidence.

VIP personal shoe shopping

When you order both a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session at the same time, you’ll save yourself £100. Simply enter coupon code “NEWSHOES” at the checkout.

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