There has been a lot of discussion in the press about the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’s footwear.

As the UK’s footwear expert, I thought I would add my thoughts to the debate.


Do I care about Theresa May’s shoes?

I’m interested in all shoes, and how they help their wearers to feel comfortable and self-assured.

I’ll be watching how this high profile politician selects her footwear according to the context of her various public appearances. Will she pick more sombre colours when commenting on sad events? In particularly challenging situations, which are her confidence-boosting pairs?

Do I think that the new PM’s choice of footwear has any impact on her ability to lead the nation?

Certainly not. However uncomfortable shoes can adversely affect your mood. I’m sure Mrs May’s colleagues will be grateful if she wears footwear which does not cause her pain.

What do I think of Mrs May’s footwear choices so far?

I admire her confidence in wearing colour and print in her shoes, rather than dull neutrals. There are too many pairs of black footwear in the world. In my book The Shoe Shopping Kit, I encourage women to experiment with alternative shades and textures. Life’s too short not to look at your feet and smile.

Often I have looked at the new Prime Minister’s outfits, and found the footwear to be the most fashion-forward part. Slimmer-legged trousers would further accentuate her bold shoe choices.

Do I think Theresa May will become a fashion icon?

Anyone in the public eye will be photographed and scrutinised. Women may well be influenced by the PM’s outfit choices. Buyers for footwear retailers should ensure their leopard print styles are well stocked.

Do I think being Prime Minister will affect Theresa May’s sartorial choices?

Perhaps her tailoring will get sharper, and she’ll add to her footwear collection. Mrs May will be a very busy lady, so I’d be happy to help her with a quick VIP shoe shopping trip.

Which top shoe tips would I give to the new PM?

Replace your heel tips regularly. Once the plastic has worn down, the metal piece is exposed. This creates a loud sound when you walk, and in my opinion sounds cheap. For the same reason, never replace your heel tips with metal ones.

Theresa May appears to have a penchant for styles with a pointed toe. I would recommend that she alternate them with round or square-toed options, to avoid deforming her feet over time.


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