In the centre of England lies a city which was once a major player in the British shoe manufacturing industry.
















In the mid 1800s, the industrial revolution brought methods of mass manufacture to shoe-making. Leicester was one of the Midlands cities to benefit from this industrialisation, and its fine selection of factories produced footwear until the factories began to close in the late 20th century.

Leicester is clearly proud of its heritage, as the West End of the city recently received some shoe-themed banners and murals.

In my opinion, Narborough Road looks better for this footwear face-lift.















Aren’t the stylised illustrations cute?

















Just off the main road, you can find the old Equity shoe factory, which is now residential.

















As a modern feminist, and a shoe-lover, I was drawn to this blue plaque.

















For a truly detailed history of Leicester’s footwear manufacturing industry, have a look at British History Online.

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