I think I must have been on Father Christmas’s “nice” list this year. It also seems to me that the elves must have really done their research, because I received this beautiful Victorian brass shoe horn for Christmas. What more could a lover of shoes – and someone who hates treading down the backs of beautiful footwear – want?











If you don’t know what a shoe horn is/does, try this YouTube clip from footfitter How to use a Shoe Horn or eHow‘s simple instructions. Essentially, shoe horns help you to put your shoes on without damaging them, and the longer versions enable you to do this without bending down.

You can buy many different varieties of shoe horn on E-Bay, from antique Victorian versions like mine, to simple plastic ones. Amazon also offers a good variety including these long colourful options:











and this neat modern metal one:











Which one are you going for? I’m just off to make a special hook in my hallway where my shoe horn can hang and shine brightly.

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