• Grey classic betsy
    Grey classic betsy
    This simple style carries the pretty pastel print beautifully. The matching shoe-bag is a cute accessory: ideal for holiday packing.
  • Red henrietta betsy
    Red henrietta betsy
    The pillar box red leather of these ultra-cute pumps is complemented by the over-sized floral bow and trim for a 1950s-style look.
  • Nude claire aude
    Nude claire aude
    This is a very subtle option, in "nude" leather with a subtle yellow ditzy floral print trim. A nod to liberty without making a big statement.
  • Purple henrietta stanley
    Purple henrietta stanley
    This is a wilder floral than the others used in this collaboration. The dark hues contrasted with dusky pink will work well now, and when Autumn comes.
  • Claire aude nude
    Claire aude nude
    If your budget won't stretch to the shoes, there's no need to miss out on this collection entirely. Get yourself a really cute shoe bag.
  • Betsy red
    Betsy red
    Cheer up your suitcase with one of these pretty and affordable French Sole by Appointment for Liberty shoe-bags.


Sometimes collaborations between brands can be matches made in heaven. The French Sole by Appointment for Liberty collection is one of these.

Click through the images above, to get your fill of cute ballet pumps in even cuter floral prints.


Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, or on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.


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