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Are you organising a fashion event at a shopping mall?

Would your daytime T.V. show audience love to learn how to shop for comfortable shoes?

Will your upcoming conference or event benefit from a lively and informative talk about how shoes can change your life?

Through her extensive experience of talking about shoes to large and small groups of people, Susannah a.k.a. The Shoe ConsultantTM learnt to make an already exciting subject, highly entertaining.

Her witty humour and passion are evident in her upbeat talks, and all are approached with intelligence and the expert knowledge she has acquired over many years.

Susannah loves to talk at women’s events, as she describes herself as a “modern feminist”. She believes strongly in women helping other women.


✓ Fashion events at shopping malls

✓ Keynote speaker for your corporate event or conference

✓ Women’s events

✓ Television & radio





Testimonial from footwear brand House of Spring about speaking at their event

“A good time was had by all thanks to the contribution of the wonderful shoe expert Susannah Davda, otherwise known as The Shoe Consultant, who gave an inspiring talk on how shoes make us feel.”

Testimonial from Elina Steinberga – student

“On the 1st of November, the footwear students from Leicester College were introduced with an energetic and inspiring guest speaker. The person who is very passionate about what she does and definitely the one who you would approach for any advice in footwear industry! Very helpful and talented – Susannah Davda, the UK’s footwear expert and founder of “The Shoe Consultant Ltd”. It was a real please meeting Susannah! The information she delivered was not only helpful and motivating but also an eye-opener for some of us – students! What happens in the footwear industry behind the scenes, as sometimes it is not always as white and fluffy as it seems? We also learned how footwear industry will be/is affected by Brexit. The information was revealed and not hidden in a very candid presentation and we are now going to be prepared! Susannah’s speech was a fantastic experience.”

Testimonials about guest speaking at Successful Mums workshop

“Thank you so much for the important information you delivered as a powerful guest speaker at the Successful Mums seminar in Orpington recently. You were very inspiring and motivating.”

– Cheryl Huggins


Testimonial from client Jo Jack – Student Aspirations Project Manager at Central Foundation Girls’ School:

“As part of our careers themed morning, Susannah delivered a key note to students outlining her qualification and career trajectory. Susannah was great to work with; she was meticulous in her preparation and delivered her talk – which was perfectly pitched for our 13/14 year old students – in a very engaging way. I will definitely work with Susannah again and wholeheartedly recommend her as a key-note speaker.”

Testimonial from Robina Lamche-Brennan of Smart Works:

“Susannah was one of our key speakers at our recent Smart Works Inspire speaking event entitled “Life Lessons Every Woman Should Know”.

With an extensive background and knowledge of shoes from production through to logistical challenges as well as fit and styling- Susannah is THE shoe consultant and every single piece of advice given is extremely useful, well thought out and well communicated.

We learnt so much within the short talk and our members and ambassadors gave fantastic feedback about how useful, interesting and insightful Susannah’s advice was.

We held a Q&A session at the end, with most of the questions directed at Susannah. The detailed and accessible answers given were just fantastic and we also gleaned how useful it would be for manufacturers and designers to discuss their challenges, designs and processes with Susannah to ensure shoes fit the requirements of both the producers and retailers as well as having the ‘real women’ that wear these shoes at the forefront of any decisions made when designing or producing shoes.

I would highly recommend anyone needing any kind of advice or suggestions about shoes-(whether designing, producing or wearing!)-to get in touch with Susannah.”

Testimonial from Susie Bicknell of Smart Works Inspire:

“Susannah recently gave a fantastic talk for us at the Smart Works Inspire ‘Life Lessons’ speaking event. She had the audience captivated and we all came away having learnt something new. From teaching us how to choose the right fabric to how to spot an uncomfortable shoe just by looking at the heel, Susannah showed us that there is a lot to think about in order to get it right for the customer. I would recommend both shoe manufacturers and shoe shoppers have a chat to Susannah to pick up some tips!”


Contact speaker@shoeconsultant.co.uk for enquiries.


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