I fell in love with everything about Yull shoes a little over a year ago.

Here are my favourite things about this brand:

  • The founder: Sarah – an entrepreneur with a quirky sense of humour, fantastic design eye and great business savvy.


  • The shooooes! My friend from shoeniversity messaged me today saying “I have discovered Yull shoes. I’m a fan. I love shoes that look like sweeties.” I concur.


  • They’re made in Britain. This country is still known for making fine men’s shoes, and we also used to be famous for women’s styles. It doesn’t seem fair for the women’s side to disappear, and for the dudes to get all the great shoes. As the brand grows, so will UK manufacturing of beautiful women’s footwear. An indisputable excuse for buying shoes.

Union flag


I met Sarah and Trang (job title: Catalyst!) at the Pure London trade show a couple of weeks ago. They were showing the Spring/Summer 2017 collection (it’s very cool), and the fabulous Autumn/Winter 2016 styles. I couldn’t wait to share some of my favourites from AW16 with you, before the launch in early September.

There’s nothing as easy and comfortable as a Chelsea boot on a cold day. The rubber sole helps with grip, so pull the Fulham on when you need to leg it out of the door.


Have you been inspired by Theresa May’s penchant for unusual kitten heels? Try the bold blue croc-print Green Park, for a smart look without too much height.


Ever had trouble getting boots to fit your calves? Well, the new Cumbria knee-high boot is a great-looking answer to that problem. The entire back panel of the leg is elasticated. The dinky snaffle hardware detail adds a subtle equestrian nod.


When you just want a simple, elegant black court shoe, Cambridge is for you. Nothing takes you from work to evening like patent leather. A small metal version of the Yull logo in its pretty scroll font, adorns the front.


A 3″ heel gives you added height, whilst still allowing you to balance. Avoid the burn on the balls of your feet with the classic Borough capped court shoe. Stand out in the new red and black colourway.


Suede and tweed combine to provide a rich contrast. Give a nod to the gentlewoman farmer in these easy flat navy blue brogues.


What better way is there to support the British economy (ahem, we may need a little help…), than to buy British?


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