It’s socially acceptable to wear trainers in far more situations than it was 10 years ago. Now we don’t have to justify not being on the way to the gym/sports practice/a marathon, our feet are free to enjoy the comfort offered by the trusty trainer. I’m always on the look-out for sleek trainers for women. It’s rare to find a reasonably-priced style which doesn’t look too clunky.

  • The sleekest of the colourways, with a graphic monochrome strap and crisp white sole.
  • A light colour option which will still be relevant in future summers. The textile upper features an open weave to keep you cool.
  • This rare red and white version is well worth snapping up (if you can get your size). Great for all year round wear.
  • There's nothing like a pure white trainer. A staple of any fashion-savvy streetwear look.
  • For a slightly sportier look than the black toe-cap version, opt for this black + white classic.
  • Light grey is a useful shade for when you want a pale tone without opting for cute pastels.
  • Express your girly side in trainers (not high heels), with this baby pink colourway in mesh.


Adidas have recently made gains in the fashion arena, which has been dominated by Nike for some time. This Adidas Originals Superstar slip-on is a highly wearable example of what the brand are doing so right.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

The recognisable and well-loved shell toe is complemented by wide elastic cross straps rather than the standard Superstar laces. A functional feature which ensures a comfortable glove-like fit.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

The back strap helps the soft fabric back of the shoe to keep its shape. The strong black on white print incorporates the iconic Adidas trefoil.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

The trefoil also shines brightly from a tab on the top of the shoe. The printed lining is a nice touch too. It’s fun to have a secret that nobody else will see.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

This style comes in several colourways. Just click through the slide show at the top of the page to see many of the options available in these sleek trainers for women.

Good work Adidas. I can’t wait to see what’s next for us ladies who like sleek sporty style with our comfort.

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