Metallic shoes are often thought of as Christmas party wear or evening footwear.

Case in point: when I showed my husband this latest purchase, he was confused by the intended wearing occasion (um, flouncing around in daisies obviously).

I explained that metallics, and silver in particular, are on-trend on sporty flats this season. I think I also muttered something about day to evening, then realised our evenings tend to be rather Netflix based these days, thanks to our 4½ month old.

Having mostly worn (v. glam) trainers during pregnancy and the early months with a newborn, it was time to try something a little sleeker. Moccasins like these wrap cosily around your feet, giving them a gentle hug. Frankly, I can cope with nothing less than extreme comfort these days. Don’t we all have better things to do than worry about our sore feet?

These Clarks slip-ons are seriously comfortable, with their soft leather and bouncy white soles.

With their reputation for comfort and durability, it’s great to see a bit of modern glamour injected into this British stalwart’s range. Clarks have also introduced a brogue and a chukka boot on this athletic-inspired sole.

To find out more about experimenting with different shoe colours, download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

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