In the Mexican city of Matehuala in 2009, a footwear phenomenon like no other began.

In recent years, Tribal Guarachero music has become popular in Mexico and parts of the U.S. A mash-up of traditional pre-Hispanic folk influences and electro, with Cumbia basslines: if you can’t imagine how that sounds, look up Erick Rincon.

Male dance troupes were competing to out-perform each other to the new sounds of Tribal music. First came their matching outfits, then they decided to work on their boots.









Beginning with small elongations of classic cowboy boot styles, the competitive nature of these young men led to longer and longer curled up toes.

Made from plastic piping and foam, leather, and screws to hold them together, Botas Tribaleras or Botas Picudas (literally translated as beaked boots), became the footwear style of choice for male Tribal Guarachero dancers.













Skinny jeans are worn to contrast with the dramatic boots. This trend gives the men a definite peacock-like strut. Well, could you walk any differently in them?

Apparently this style is attractive to women: “girls wouldn’t dance with you if you weren’t wearing pointy boots“. What would you say to a man who swaggered up to you in a pair?

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