My nearest and dearest know that I’m not a fan of tenuously footwear-related paraphernalia: shoe ornaments, things with shoes embroidered on them, shoe-shaped items that aren’t shoes…

I’m keen to own items which are either beautiful, functional or both, and I love shoes….actual shoes.

With all of that in mind, my brother cleverly selected the perfect entirely functional shoe-related gift for me.


Inside this lovely red textured leather pouch, was a compact little shoe polish kit.

A neutral polish, a black polish, a brush and polishing cloth. These really are the essentials for looking after your shoes.

My method:

  1. Apply the polish with kitchen roll
  2. Leave it to sink in for 20-30 minutes
  3. Remove any excess polish with more kitchen roll
  4. Buff to your desired level of shine with the cloth

Just as beards are back on-trend, I feel that looking after your best assets (no not those, your shoes!), is having a renaissance.

Polishing my shoes is one of those easy manual tasks which I find almost meditative, and highly satisfying. Plus I love that polish smell!

People ask me how often they should polish their shoes. That depends how often you wear them.

I recommend not wearing one pair of shoes two days in a row: alternating pairs allows moisture to dry and increases the life of footwear.

For frequently worn shoes which need to look smart, you would be wise to polish them every two weeks. If you like a more lived-in look, you still need to nourish your footwear regularly. Shoe polish is like moisturiser for leather. Make time to give all of your regularly worn shoes some TLC every month or so.

Do you polish your shoes? If so, how often? Let me know in the comments or on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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