• Bright light
    Bright light
    A sandal of contrasting materials from United Nude. Lifted by a mid height light-shaft acrylic heel, with patent raspberry and matte teal leather straps.
  • Tansparent
    A simple, classic tan leather court shoe by Dune. Given a subtle but modern twist with its perspex heel detail.
  • Fly flat
    Fly flat
    Not completely transparent, so more flattering to the feet. The cloudy straps of these Ancient Greek Sandals offer support, elegance and comfort.
  • Glass slip-on
    Glass slip-on
    A chic red suede pointed pump by Office. The transparent side "windows" display the most attractive parts of the foot (not the sweaty toes).
  • See-thru silver
    See-thru silver
    London Rebel offer this flat sandal, for a tasteful version of the perspex look. The see-thru piece adds extra support to the slim silver straps.
  • Ethereal elevation
    Ethereal elevation
    Grey and navy combine to be wearable and on-trend. The elastic slingback on these Office sandals gives comfort, as does the 3½" perspex block heel.
  • Crystal clear
    Crystal clear
    This glam version of a jelly sandal by Stuart Weitzman is covered in tiny glittering rhinestones. The woven looking upper is undisturbed by fastenings.


Not so long ago, styles with transparent parts were seen as shoes for strippers. Now, designers have become more creative and playful. Altered opacity is used on innovative sculptured heels, or mixed with leather on uppers.

We’ve gone from this…

…to this

Footwear can appear to be floating, or not attached to the foot. Elements of light and reflectiveness are introduced to sandals. Even American Vogue is talking about the “nothing shoe” trend.

The big question is, how can you style this new breed of perspex footwear? Here are my top tips:

1. Unless you work in an environment where anything goes, keep these shoes for evenings and weekends. Those not in the know may still subconsciously associate transparency with overt sexuality.

2. Style them any why you like, as long as it’s smart casual or smart. Scruffy jeans and perspex look odd together. Go pretty with a circle skirt and blouse, relaxed but glam with silk tailored trousers, or do wedding chic in a knee-length shift dress.

3. You know when you smooshed your face up against a window when you were a kid? That’s how feet look in sandals with perspex uppers. When you start to perspire, the look gets worse. Choose styles with smaller perspex panels or straps, that have plenty of breathing space around them. Alternatively, try them with socks or tights you want to show off.

Now have a look at my selection of wearable perspex styles in the slide show, and decide how you’ll style this trend.

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