• Black matte
    Black matte
    The serious option. Colour meanings: resolve, sombreness, intelligence and mystery. Great with teal, turquoise, bright pink or white.
  • Blue patent
    Blue patent
    The cool option. Colour meanings: smartness, stability, coolness and power. Wear with white or bright red.
  • Chartreuse patent
    Chartreuse patent
    The individual option. Colour meanings: trustworthiness, wealth, creativity and calmness. Wear with grey, cream, navy or white.
  • Natural snake
    Natural snake
    The neutral option. Colour meanings: kindness, reliability, steadiness and approachability. Wear with dark brown, tan or white.
  • Pink patent
    Pink patent
    The girly option. Colour meanings: tenderness, sensitivity, love and sympathy. Wear with mustard, gold, navy or white.
  • Silver mirror
    Silver mirror
    The glam option. Colour meanings: sleek, modern, sophisticated and elegant. Wear with any colour except gold or bronze.
  • White matte
    White matte
    The minimalist option. Colour meanings: innocence, optimism, honesty and efficiency. Wear with bright pink, pastels or bright red.

Do you love it when a brand makes your favourite style in loads of different colour options?

When I really like a shoe, I’ve bought it in 3 or 4 colourways in the past. As long as the style is relatively timeless, affordable, comfortable and fits you well, it’s a good idea.

This sandal from Office is a great basic, and the 4cm block heel gives you extra height without instability.

Although the upper is made from synthetic leather, these sandals are lined with real leather, which will make sure they don’t feel too sweaty.

Would you like to find out more about which colours go together, and how to make shoes your colour playground?

You can find all this and much more in my book Outfits in Minutes: A Guide for Time-Pressed Women.


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