Shoe wardrobe analysis




Do you have a wardrobe full of footwear, with many pairs you can’t wear? If so, then this service is for you.

Susannah Davda – Director of The Shoe Consultant – will come to your house and expertly guide you through the process of editing your shoe collection. You will be left with only comfortable, beautiful, well-fitting shoes which you love to wear.

We analyse

  • The best heel heights for you for day and evening
  • Your true shoe size
  • Any issues, e.g. wide or narrow feet or calves, bunions, scar tissue
  • Your clothing style
  • The footwear colours which will complement your existing outfits
  • Gaps in your shoe wardrobe – we write you a shopping list of footwear

We recycle (optional)

  • We can take away the footwear which no longer suits your style, feet and lifestyle, and sell them for you. This saves you the trouble of disposing of your unloved pairs, and as we split the profits 50/50, you get cash back in your pocket for more suitable shoes.

You will receive your personal shoe wardrobe analysis report including your shopping list after our visit.

If you decide to use the Recycling service, we will provide a full report including details of each sale.

Travel expenses are chargeable outside of the M25.

What’s next?

Many clients book a VIP shoe shopping session with Susannah after their shoe wardrobe analysis. We help you to find footwear to fill the gaps in your wardrobe, without making the same mistakes as in the past.


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