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Who benefits from a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis?

Do you despair when you open your wardrobe, and see lots of shoes you can’t wear? If so, a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis is for you.

Have you kept hold of your beloved stilettos, which you now struggle to wear? Perhaps your clothing style has evolved, but your shoes haven’t kept up. Maybe you even have pairs you’ve bought on impulse or never worn.

You can rid yourself of guilt and negative feelings, and turn your shoe wardrobe into a place which makes you smile.

7 reasons you need a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis

  1. Save time selecting your footwear each day
  2. Create a shoe wardrobe filled with styles you love to wear
  3. Receive expert advice on which styles work for you, and why
  4. Declutter your wardrobe and make space for your perfect shoes
  5. Discover the best heel heights for you for every occasion
  6. Receive money back from the shoes we sell for you
  7. Have a fun and productive 2 hours!

Shoe Wardrobe Analysis

Ready to smile when you open your shoe wardrobe?

Book now to dramatically improve how you feel about your shoes.

You’ll discover the solutions to your shoe issues from someone you can trust (who isn’t trying to sell you shoes).

What makes Susannah Davda a shoe expert?

Your personal shoe expert has been working in the footwear industry for over 19 years. She also has a degree in footwear design.

Susannah is passionate about helping women like you create wardrobes of comfortable, beautiful shoes. With 6 years’ styling experience, she’ll help you perfect your style from the shoes up. For Susannah, nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing that all her clients’ shoes suit their feet, body shape, style and lifestyle.

Knowing the intricacies of footwear construction means Susannah can advise you on styles and details which work for you. You might be surprised to discover the array of styles you can wear.

Shoe Wardrobe Analysis

Why not treat yourself  to Susannah’s personal shoe advice?

What you’ll get

  • Susannah will come to your house and expertly guide you through the process of editing your shoe collection. You’ll be left with only comfortable, beautiful, well-fitting shoes which you love to wear.
  • Discover how you can make just a few well-chosen pairs work with all of your existing outfits.
  • Learn which styles you should be shopping for which will suit your style and your feet.
  • You’ll even get tips on how to revive your favourite well-worn shoes.
  • We’ll write you a shopping list, so you can fill your shoe gaps on your next shopping trip.*
  • By the end of your Shoe Wardrobe Analysis, your shoe collection will have been sorted into four neat piles: Keep, Sell, Give, Bin
  • To save you time, we can take away your Sell pile, and turn it into profit**

Book now to transform your shoe wardrobe in just 2 hours!

* You’ll receive your personal shoe wardrobe analysis report including your shopping list after our visit.

** We’ll take away the shoes which no longer suit your style, feet and lifestyle, and sell them for you. This saves you the trouble of disposing of your unloved pairs, and as we split the profits 50/50, you’ll get cash back in your pocket for beautiful, wearable shoes. If you decide to use our Recycling service, we’ll provide a full report including details of each sale.

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by Lisa Gagliani on Shoe Wardrobe Analysis
Shoe exodus

Shoe Exodus! Susannah examined & removed the comfort monsters & style disasters. 2 wks til she helps me shop for replacements.


Q. How can I arrange a time for my appointment? 

A. When we receive your order, we’ll email you to arrange a convenient time for your Shoe Wardrobe Analysis.

Q. Where will my Shoe Wardrobe Analysis take place?

A. Susannah will visit you in your home. Travel expenses are included if you live within the M25.

Q. I live outside of London. Can I still benefit from a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis?

A. Yes you certainly can. If you live outside of the M25 (Greater London), please email us with your location prior to booking. To cover our costs, travel expenses are chargeable outside of the M25. 

Q. Can you help me shop for shoes?

Yes we’d love to. We recommend that you schedule a One-to-one VIP shoe shopping session with Susannah for a week or two after your Shoe Wardrobe Analysis. She’ll help you to find the perfect shoe styles for your feet and lifestyle.

Q. Will I receive a discount when I order my Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session at the same time?

A. Yes we’re happy to offer you a whopping £100 discount when you book your Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session at the same time. Just add both items to your shopping cart, enter the coupon code “NEWSHOES” and we’ll subtract your discount.

Q. Do you offer gift vouchers?

A. Yes just send us a quick email when you purchase, letting us know who the voucher is for. We’ll send you a personalised voucher you can print out or email.

Book now because there’s nothing more therapeutic than having a good clear-out with expert help.


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