• The shade I wore for this feature. A rich dark pink which goes with almost every colour except some orangey reds.
  • Wear this girly baby pink shade with a pretty floral dress or skirt. Alternatively go for a hint of French chic by combining these with black and cream.
  • Pick this deep dark blue for a touch of nautical. A useful nearly neutral for those who don't like black. Perfect with Breton stripes.
  • An off white shade perfect for weekends and holidays with bright summer skirts, dresses or cropped trousers.
  • A rich tealy shade called jade. This colour makes an unusual but flattering complement to navy, white, cream or black.
  • The true basic. This black leather option is useful for work to evening looks, and the perfect complement to a well-tailored skirt suit.
  • Silver can be an extremely handy neutral, which goes with many different shades. A lovely option for evenings, weekends, and weddings.
  • This so-called "nude" shade is a warm beigey pink which flatters most skin tones. It looks particularly lovely combined with rich browns.
  • For black without the harshness of shiny leather, select this soft suede version. Lovely combined with other textures such as chiffon or velvet for evening.
  • For the ultimate girly metallic, opt for rose gold. It looks simply stunning with white or cream.
  • A rich ultramarine blue suede, which will stand out from a sea of black shoes anywhere you wear it. Great with navy and white.

The holy grail

Have you ever owned a pair of heels which were completely comfortable and supportive, but you didn’t know why? Did you wear them so much, that you wore holes in them? That’s just the kind of shoe you need when you’re a guest at a wedding. You’re wearing your shoes from quite early in the day, and well into the night. You want a style you will still be able to dance in come 10pm. In this blog post, I introduce you to what I think are the perfect wedding guest shoes.

The perfect wedding guest shoes

woman's legs wearing black and pink floral skirt and dark pink mary jane shoes

This style from Spanish brand KMB is pretty perfect. The leather is lovely and soft, and these shoes have leather linings. This helps to absorb moisture, so your feet don’t feel sweaty.

The straps on this Mary Jane style help to keep your shoes on your feet, even through some vigorous dance moves. The buckle ensures the strap is adjustable for a perfect fit.

dark pink heeled shoes on a fence with a background of bright yellow flowers

The heel is 2½”/6.35cm so it gives you extra height, without putting too much pressure on the balls of your feet. Its shape is more substantial than a slim stiletto, but doesn’t look heavy or chunky.

two photos one of womans legs in jeans and one of her legs in a black and pink skirt. Both are wearing dark pink leather mary jane shoes

These shoes will go with plenty of different outfits. They’ll be your perfect wedding guest shoes, and can also be worn at work, in the evening and at weekends. Check out the superb array of colours in the slide show at the top of the page.

woman wearing tights and dark pink leather mary jane shoes in front of a flower bed

The best thing is that the heel is wide enough to ensure you won’t sink into the grass. Because if there’s a wedding, there’s probably grass…or gravel…or cobbles.

woman wearing turned up blue jeans with dark pink leather mary janes on grass with little blue flowers in

I’m always looking for the perfect heeled shoe, which fits all of the criteria for comfort and balance I talk about in my book The Shoe Shopping Kit. This time I think I’ve found it.

Do you have a pair which are your go-to style for attending weddings? Share your favourite shoes with us in the comments, or on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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