Have you ever:

  • Been accused of packing too much to go on holiday?
  • Worn only 3 of the multiple pairs of shoes you packed?
  • Paid for excess baggage?
  • Wanted to travel with hand luggage only?

Wherever you’re travelling to this summer, it’s my philosophy that you only need to bring 3 pairs of shoes: Wear one, pack two.

Check out my essential formulas for each destination:



Wear to travel: Trainers

Pack: Flip-flops and comfortable evening sandals or pumps


City break – Warm weather

Wear to travel: Trainers

Pack: Comfortable day sandals and comfortable evening sandals or pumps


City break – Cold weather 

Wear to travel: Comfortable casual ankle boots

Pack: Trainers and smarter, comfortable ankle boots



Wear to travel: Waterproof walking shoes

Pack: Flip-flops or comfortable sandals and smarter lightweight shoes or sandals




Great for: Planes and airports, as they can be quite cold, so a closed shoe will keep you comfortable. Slip-on trainers are particularly useful for whizzing through airport security, but lace-ups are fine too.


Waterproof walking shoes

Great for: Climbing mountains or trekking through rain forests, rainy days.



Great for: Getting on and off easily so you save valuable pool/sun/sea time. Compact and lightweight.


Comfortable sandals

Great for: Doing a lot of walking in warm weather


Ballet pumps

Great for: Looking smart on cooler evenings or in air-conditioned restaurants. Compact and lightweight.


Evening sandals

Great for: Eating outside or in smart restaurants without air-conditioning


Comfortable casual ankle boots

Great for: Walking all day in colder climates. Wear these on the flight rather than packing them, as they weigh more; and take up more space than your trainers.


Comfortable smarter ankle boots

Great for: Looking elegant in the evening, without compromising on comfort or warmth.



Keep your shoes from being squashed by stuffing them with your pairs of socks.

Unless you need to pack your shoes wet (avoid this if possible), keep them in pairs in fabric shoe bags. These can be found on Ebay.

Insert them in the dust bags as shown, so the soles don’t touch the uppers. They also take up the least space this way.


Happy holidays to you! Let me know which 3 pairs  you’re packing, on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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