An idea has been forming in my head for some time, about women and their love of shoes. This simple idea has developed into a theory, and I want to share this with you.

Look down at your feet now. Are you wearing shoes? Have a look at all the angles of your footwear. Can you see those shoes in all their glory?

Now without a mirror, look at the top you are wearing. Can you comfortably see the front? How about the back? What about your earrings? Can you see those?

High heels make women taller, and modify their posture. We all know that. Shoes you feel comfortable in, or know you look good in, can give you a little extra swagger in your walk. Obvious stuff.

I suggest that if you are wearing shoes that you love, then at almost any time of day you can sneak a look at them, and get a little confidence boost.

People, buy shoes that you love to wear. If you feel a little glum once in a while, indulge in a downwards glance. There you have it: Shoe therapy in its purest form.

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