If you have been to the U.S.A. recently, you might have noticed that the shops are full of a certain kind of shoe.

Did you see the array of colours available in footwear made from woven elastic strips?

David Z







This selection is from New Jersey-based footwear brand Bernie Mev, and these flats and wedges are selling like hot cakes across the pond.

A large part of the attraction comes from how comfortable these shoes are (believe me, I’ve tried them on). Not only are the soles cushioned, but the elastic uppers hug your foot.

Perhaps the popularity of such comfortable shoes is also in part influenced by the “normcore” trend: a movement towards dressing to fit in.

Although they are available from many shoe shops and department stores in the U.S.A., Bernie Mev shoes are hard to come by over here in Blighty.

Get ahead of the crowd, and try one of these options:








Try them in pewter, in a simple flat pump style.










How about this mary jane style in bronze? The platform and wedge mean you get extra height, with no pain. The peep toe gives a little ventilation for the spring and summer.









This version is both girly in pink, and sporty with the curvy, flexible sole.










These sandals would be good for holiday, as they’re lightweight, comfy and cool.


You may think Bernie Mev footwear looks unusual, but in a few months they’ll take off in the U.K.

Will you be a trend leader or follower? Let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter @shoeconsultant


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One Response to NEXT BIG U.K. TREND

  1. Nicole says:

    Love Bernie Mev, they’re pretty similar to Extinct Shoes but Extinct has better colors in my opinion

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