I was speaking to my friend whose footwear for occasional use (parties, weddings e.t.c.) is neatly stored in the original shoe-boxes at the top of her wardrobe. Her every-day shoes are in an easily-accessible cupboard. This woman made a database of the stored shoes with images, so she can easily pick out a pair, and know where to locate them.

I recently acquired my own shoe room, and my shoes are now all in the same place (something that hasn’t occurred in years). Having been inspired by my friend, and being an organised person, I wanted to catalogue my shoes. I would really like to work out the statistics of the wearability of each pair in my collection.

Magazines often talk about pounds per wear, i.e. the amount of money spent on an item divided by the number of times you wear it. In this series of posts, I want to see how well each pair in my shoe wardrobe is earning its place there.

As my first step towards this full analysis, I documented the number of pairs I own in each colour family, as illustrated from this pie-chart:

One of my conclusions from this chart is that I badly need some red shoes. I adore red shoes so much, that I wear them out quickly, and then struggle to find the perfect pair to replace them. So the hunt begins!

Metallics and Greys are certainly the new neutrals, and can be easier to co-ordinate with outfits than classic Blacks, Tans, Browns & Creams. They can also be just as flattering to many skin-tones.

I wonder whether I play it too safe with my footwear colour choices. I mean, where are the Hot Pinks and Oranges I used to own in my early-twenties? I tend to dress from the shoes upwards, so perhaps I should be a little more experimental in my purchases for a while.

Have you thought about what your footwear colour pie chart would look like?

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