Since Heelys have gone out of fashion, they have left a gap in the market for shoes that you (or your kids) can really have fun in.

Skechers are launching Game Kicks in February: these trainers incorporate a light and sound memory game on the uppers.








What really got me thinking about fun with footwear was the book I gave my brother for Christmas, which contained useless inventions from the past.

The one that caught my eye – along with a design for a spring-loaded device for preventing the toes of shoes from curling up with wear – was this invention for a rotating heel.

Although this heel was designed to be rotated in increments to ensure even wear on the heel tip, I think someone should design footwear that lets you spin on your heels just for fun.
















If you fancy reading more about these nutty inventions, this is the wonderful book:

Let me know your ideas for fun footwear inventions in the comments or on Twitter @shoeconsultant

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