I love meeting people who care about shoes as much as I do.

In my new blog series Meet the Designer, I reveal the fascinating discoveries I’ve made by interviewing my favourite shoe designers. You can read all about what drives and inspires them here.

I first wrote about fabulous British brand Yull’s colourful brogues in 2015, and after meeting the designer Sarah at a trade show, I couldn’t resist sharing her AW16 collection with you.

Meet Sarah Watkinson-Yull

Q. What has been the most successful pair of shoes you’ve designed?

A. Hmmmm, that is a hard one. Our longest standing shoes are the Chelsea Boots which we sell all year round! However our most popular shoe so far has been the Harrogate shoe which is launching for retail at the end of February. The wholesale orders for this one shoe were phenomenal!

Q. Can shoes change your life?

A. Absolutely! I am a firm believer in this. All of our of shoe boxes read ‘Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life’ The right pair of shoes can give you confidence to achieve your dreams I believe.

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life - Sarah Watkinson-Yull Click To Tweet

Q. What are the elements that make a high heel comfortable?

A. The pitch is the most important thing. Most people think that it is about height however a higher heel can be a lot easier to walk in and more comfortable than a kitten heel depending on the pitch. The distribution of weight in a shoe as well which is why stilettos are not as comfortable as a block heel. The lining and fabric used on the shoe also matter. We try where possible to put extra padding in our shoes.

Q. What inspires you?

A. All of our shoes are named after and inspired by a place or event in the UK. For example in the new collection we have the new additions Margate, Tenby inspired by the beautiful coastal towns.

Q. What’s your favourite place you’ve travelled with work?

A. Recently with work I’ve been to Hong Kong and Paris. Both amazing cities but very different, too hard to pick a favourite I’m afraid!

Q. How did you become a shoe designer?

A. I’m not really sure to be honest! I sort of fell into it. I think it found me!


You can look at/drool over/purchase Sarah Watkinson-Yull’s unique and wonderful designs over at

Don’t forget to drop shoe-shaped hints to whoever’s trying to woo you this Valentines day!

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