They’re comfortable, breathable, and have a more natural and high-end look than plastic equivalents.

Seagrass is a finely woven straw-like material. I like to think of these flip-flops as flat espadrilles. Very classy.

Collage my feet


The sole of these flip-flops will start life flat, but with wear, will curve a little around your feet. This creates a very comfortable bespoke footbed for your tootsies. The outsoles are made from lightweight EVA, which I have found to be more grippy than other harder sandal sole materials (I blush when I remember a particularly steep hill in Madeira).

Another great thing about seagrass is that this natural material ensures your flip-flops are never too hot to put back on your feet, no matter how scorching the sun is.

These fine flip-flops don’t last forever, so I was glad when I realised that Monsoon/Accessorize have a great selection at affordable prices every Spring/Summer season.

I tend to opt for fabric or polyester uppers, as the synthetic leather versions are more likely to rub.

These are a few of my favourites from Spring/Summer 2015:

A tropical print with little bead, parrot and leaf charms

For minimalists without being completely plain

Something more playful with neon animal print

Day to evening glam in navy with gold beads

Perfect with white linen trousers or a cotton cover-up


Let me know whether you share my love of seagrass in the comments or on Twitter @ShoeConsultant

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