Do you struggle to find UK size 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13 large womens shoes, boots or sandals? This list of retailers who stock womens big shoes is perfect for your larger than average feet.

Michelle Obama showed us that it’s easy to look elegant with larger feet in the right shoes. She wasn’t shy to show off her US 11½ (UK 9½/10) feet in stunning larger sized footwear.

illustration and text: since all great journeys start with a single step you should probably have on a cute pair of shoes

There’s no need to compromise your style by wearing trainers. Now you can find heels and sophisticated womens flats which fit your feet! I’ve compiled this blog post, so you can easily click through and explore the pretty comprehensive selection of retailers who stock larger sized shoes.

Many of the companies listed here are UK-based. I’ve also included some from other countries who will dispatch to the UK.



Broad selection of work, casual and fashion styles in UK size 9 with a very few in size 9½.

clarks large womens shoes logo

Ellie Dickins Shoes

Plenty of options up to a UK 11, with a limited selection of size 12s. Styling is classic, with a few more trend-driven looks.

Ellie Dickins shoes large womens shoes logo

Medissa Shoes

UK size 11½ well catered for, with some options up to 12½. Styling is mostly classic and elegant or comfortable and functional.

medissa large womens shoes logo

Autograf New York

New York based company who source their handcrafted women’s shoes from Europe. Sizes go up to a US 14/UK 12.

autograf new york large womens shoes logo

Shoes of Prey

Completely customisable stylish shoes up to a UK size 13.

shoes of prey large womens shoes logo

Ted & Muffy

Premium quality shoes, boots and sandals available up to a UK 9.

Ted and Muffy large womens shoes logo

Narrow Fit Shoes – was Special Feetures

Narrow fitting styles available up to a UK 10. Smart classic and casual options.


narrow fit shoes large womens shoes logo

Charles Clinkard

Classic and casual womens styles up to a UK size 9.

Charles Clinkard large womens shoes logo

Fashion World

Many affordable styles for the trend conscious up to a size 9.

Fashion World large womens shoes logo


Stylish and affordable footwear available up to a UK size 9.

vivaladiva large womens shoes logo

Elegant Steps

Shoes for brides and occasions. A few styles in UK 10 but a wider selection from size 9 downwards.

elegant steps large womens shoes logo


Not just petite shoes. This Ireland based company also stock some larger sizes.

shoetastic large womens shoes logo


A small and stylish selection from this relatively new brand. UK 8, 9, 10 & 11 available in all styles.

Carobella large womens shoes logo

Katie Long Shoes

Sizeable selection of feminine styles in sizes 8-12.

katie long shoes large womens shoes logo


Broad selection of styles up to a size 9.

marisota large womens shoes logo

New Look

Affordable and trendy options up to a UK 9.

new look large womens shoes logo


Wide fitting boots, shoes and sandals up to a UK size 11.

Evans large womens shoes logo

Simply Be

The same company as VivaLaDiva with the same stylish, affordable options.

simply be large womens shoes border

Eleanor Anukam

Unusual and beautiful shoe styles worth shipping from the USA. Sizes up to UK 11.

Eleanor Anukam large womens shoes logo

Long Tall Sally

Many trendy or classic options available up to a UK size 13. Affordable for most budgets.

long tall sally large womens shoes logo

Light in the box

Budget-friendly options up to a size 10½.

light in the box large womens shoes logo


Good selection of styles up to a UK 12. A few options in size 13 too.

amazon large womens shoes logo


Branded footwear with most options up to a size 9 and a few in a UK 10 and above.

freemans large womens shoes logo


Classic and comfortable styles up to a size 9.

gabor large womens shoes logo

Crispins Shoes

High quality classic styles available in sizes up to a UK 12.

crispins shoes large womens shoes logo

If you know of any other great companies selling larger sizes, please share their details in the comments.

Looking for shoes for Small, Narrow, Wide feet, Slim calves, or Wide calves?

Read my guide to finding small shoes for petite feet here.

I’m writing specific posts for the other shoe types right now, and will share links here when they’re ready. If you’d like to know when they’ll be published, please join my mailing list, and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For essential tips on how to find great quality footwear, download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

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