Honestly, sale time in the shops scares me. All of those shoes which nobody wanted at full price, hanging about in a disordered fashion on racks.

I pride myself on not getting carried away in the sales. I take a deep breath, and using all of my shoe knowledge, consider the purchase very carefully.

Here are my 5 easy steps for you, to ensure you make a purchase you won’t regret:


1. Know what you’re looking for: go prepared with a list of the shoe-shaped gaps in your wardrobe, and don’t stray from that list.



2. If you’re tempted by something off-list, think of 5 outfits that pair will go with, and some occasions when they’d be appropriate before you even consider getting your plastic out.


3. Try them on: do they fit and feel comfortable? If not, they never will. They will not change in size or shape, so do your bank balance a favour and walk away.


4. Do they represent value for money?: we have all been swayed by how much of a bargain we’re being offered, but let’s face it, £450 reduced to £250 is still a massive outlay. Consider how much you would wear that perfect pair: I still love the pounds per wear calculation. Have a think about what else you could spend the money on.


5. If you’re in any doubt about that pair, leave the shop, go and do something else, and if you are still thinking about the shoes in an hour or two, then consider returning and buying them. If your size has gone, they weren’t meant to be.



Now, go forth and shop! Please share pictures of your bargains with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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