For those with children, the long summer holidays are stretching ahead of you.

I’m sure you have lots of fun plans to keep the little darlings occupied, but for those days when it’s raining and you’re all staying at home, here are a few shoe-related ideas to keep them from driving you crazy.


Ian’s Shoelace Site

This website has lots of cool shoe-lacing methods with easy animated step-by-step methods to follow.

What you need:

  • Lace-up shoes
  • Laces (preferably of more than one colour)
  • Internet connection

Great for:

  • Kids who love to follow a method and see the results


Put pen to canvas

A simple way to keep your little artists busy is to let them loose with a pack of fabric pens and a blank canvas. These graffiti pens only take 24 hours to dry cure and become permanent and water resistant.

What you need:

Great for:

  • Creative kids who want to show off their artistic skills by wearing their creations


Become a shoe designer

O.K. so this doesn’t reduce the kids’ screen time, but this game is great fun. They can pick the shoe style, heel shape, colour and print, decorative bits and even socks! They can also download or print their designs.

What you need:

  • A computer (unfortunately this game doesn’t work on tablets)

Great for:

  • Budding shoe designers


Cover your tongue

This is a really simple way for the kids to customise their shoes, and doesn’t take too much skill. Get them to spend time picking their fabric from your collection, or from remnants in the fabric shop.

What you need:

  • Fabric scraps
  • Fabric glue
  • Cheap or old lace-up trainers or plimsolls


Great for:

  • Keen fashion designers and those who like to stand out from the crowd


Colour in your shoes

This is more than just a colouring book. The author encourages your child to colour, customise and invent new patterns for the beautiful shoe illustrations in this book. There is even a shoe designing app.

What you need:


Great for:

  • Little shoe-lovers who really want to be inspired, and love to colour in


I hope the kids enjoy these activities. Please share your own ideas for summer shoe fun in the comments, or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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