The problem

Have you ever bought high heeled shoes which made you walk as though you’d had a few, when you hadn’t touched a drop? Some high heels aren’t designed to be comfortable, others are badly made, and some look as though they’d provide support but don’t.

woman wobbling in red high heels and white socks

I wasted too much time and money in my youth trying on and buying high heels, which just weren’t comfortable. In fact, some were simply unwearable. Over the years I’ve been working in the footwear industry, I’ve developed simple methods for making and buying comfortable high heels.

The impact

Unless you’re looking to start a shoe brand (if you are, give me a shout), you’ll be interested in the buying side of things.

Trying on shoes can be a faff. Shoe shops are often over-heated and noisy. Taking off your shoes and socks and prising on a pristine pair can be hot work. I’ve put together this video, so you can discover in under 2 minutes which heels to bother trying on (and which to leave on the shelf).

How to do it

In case you can’t watch the video just yet, I’ll summarise.

The Shelf Wobble test

Simply poke the shoe from the side whilst it’s on the shelf. If it wobbles and keeps on wobbling, or even falls over, then it won’t support you.

If the shoe stays nice and flat on the shelf, and just swings around as you poke it, then it stands a much better chance of being comfortable.

A word of warning: be careful not to damage the shoes! I can’t bear to think of you paying for uncomfortable shoes.

Be a shoe shopping whizz

For more essential tips on finding comfortable, beautiful shoes, download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit. Alternatively, you can join my mailing list, and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Do you have any shoe-finding tips you’d like to share with other shoe lovers? Why not pop them in the comments below?

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