Have you ever wished you could commute comfortably in heels? Maybe you’d love a pair which you could wear all day at a wedding, and still dance the night away in. I’m always on the look out for high heels which are so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. You’ll be thrilled to know I’ve found you a pair of heels you’ll want to wear everwhere.

comfortable high heels sole bliss red suede carmen

Straight out of the box on the first wear at home, these Sole Bliss courts felt great.

This miracle brand was launched by the designer Lisa Kay, who has been running her successful eponymous brand for 35 years. She launched Sole Bliss so that ladies with bunions could wear glamorous shoes comfortably. If you look at Sole Bliss’s Instagram feed, you’ll see that none other than Dame Helen Mirren is a fan of their beautiful shoes.

Sole Bliss logo

I tried out the Sole Bliss bright red suede “Carmen” court shoes, to see just how comfortable they are. Although I don’t have bunions, my tolerance of uncomfortable high heels is very low. The trend for trainers and flats has a lot to answer for!

sole bliss carmen red suede shoes for bunions

My first trip out in my Carmens was a commute into Central London for a business meeting. Not only were these shoes very comfortable, but my client loved them too.

Next I went shopping in these easy-to-wear court shoes.

red shoes red carpet sole bliss bunions

After blending in with the carpet in the bookshop…I strode on to explore more lovely lovely shops, and my shoes definitely turned some heads.

sole bliss carmen red suede shoes shoe consultant

I decided these shoes were too good to keep from my husband, so I wore them on our monthly date night. There’s nothing like red shoes to make you feel at your sexiest. Here was me getting ready.

Red shoes beige bathroom sole bliss bunion comfortable heels

I also wore these shoes when I went for coffee with my friend. I even took one off to show her the incredible cushioning and arch support(!).

red suede shoes coffee sole bliss bunion

What was the greatest test I gave my shoes? A trip out with my toddler. I thought buggy pushing might be tricky in heels, and I’ve never attempted it before. In these, it was easy! Maybe I can skip my mum uniform of jeans and flats now and again.

heels you can wear anywhere

I couldn’t resist a cheeky shot of these shoes against my friend’s fabulous sofa (don’t worry, my shoes were clean).

red shoes pink sofa sole bliss

In conclusion: if you want beautiful high heels for daywear or an occasion, Sole Bliss have some lovely options. The Carmen style comes in quite a few colours, and has a well-balanced 75mm/2.5″ heel which definitely doesn’t feel high. There’s also a higher 90mm/3.5″ version called Pandora, which is apparently one of Dame Helen’s favourites.

These are comfortable, beautiful shoes for women with bunions or without.

Let me know if you’re tempted to purchase a pair (or already have) in the comments.

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