Are you embracing these winter months by wearing warm clothes you love? Hygge has seeped into our language courtesy of the Danes. It’s a word that sums up wonderfully the enjoyment of getting cosy.

You’re on the school run in your trendy bobble hat, commuting in your snuggly winter coat, or wrapping your favourite scarf around and around your neck to keep out the chill on a weekend walk.

What about your feet?

If like me your house is old and draughty, you probably wear slippers. How does the transition to outdoor shoes feel for you? Cold leather boots which have spent all night in an unheated hallway, are perhaps the opposite of hygge.

When casual is the order of the day, and the weather is crisp and cold, sheepskin boots are your best friends.

There’s an exciting new sheepskin brand called Ozalia Australia whose products have just become available in the UK. Why exciting? Well….

They’re affordable

Have you been put off buying sheepskin boots because they’re soooo expensive? Ozalia Australia boots cost at least a third less than the leading competitor (even less when there’s a sale on).

They’re ridiculously cosy

You’d think that being affordable, the savings you make would have to come from somewhere. Well as a shoe expert, I can say the reduction in cost certainly hasn’t come from the quality of materials, or manufacture. The twin-faced premium Merino sheepskin is thick and dense, with no blemishes on the suede side (these sheep must take care of their skin).

The binding, stitching, and trimming are all impeccably neat. You can tell these boots were made by craftspeople who care about the quality of the boots they make.

Ozalia Australia boots even come with a Warmest Boot Guarantee. If they’re not the warmest boots you’ve ever worn, you can return them unworn and get your money back.

I found these boots to be very warm and comfortable. They’re like duvets for your feet, so you can get that snug indoor Hygge feeling whilst you’re outside.

They’re water and stain resistant

I poured some water on the toe of one of my boots, and the water rolled off. I don’t dare test the stain resistance with ketchup or red wine (anyway, who wants to waste wine?).

You can get free delivery and returns

This really takes the risk out of trying this new brand. What’s not to like?

They look great

I love how they complement my grey leggings in this shot.

Also, I don’t think these boots will get sloppy or make me drag my feet, because they have built-in support around the heels.

The fancy packaging

Ozalia Australia haven’t scrimped on the details either. Each pair comes in a shiny black box, with a large black velvet bag for storing them in.

There’s even a swish black envelope which contains a social media flashcard with #OZALIABOOTS and #INSTALOVE on each side. If you post a photo of yourself in your boots with the flashcard, you’ll be entered into a competition to win another pair. Woo hoo!

An extra discount

I’ve managed to get you my lovely readers an exclusive 15% discount. Just enter “shoeconsultant15” in the discount box at the check out when you buy your boots from the Ozalia Australia website.

Now go on and get cosy. My boots and I are off on another smug (not a typo), warm adventure.



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