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Large Women’s Shoes for Larger Feet

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  2. sue says:


    I am a disabled person, do you know of any uk suppliers who make footwear for a EEEEEE width fitting?

    I would appreciate a response.


    • The Shoe Consultant says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your question, and for visiting The Shoe Consultant.

      Have you tried The Shoe Tailor? They offer a good selection of different styles in EEEEEE width.

      Let me know if you find something nice.


      The Shoe Consultant

    • Maria Karagianni says:

      Hi Sue, the shoes you are looking for are at a U.K. web-site:
      Regards from Maria

  3. Hannah Jackson says:

    Hi, I have been blessed with size 13 uk large feet and they are quite wide too, does anyone know where I could get some silver flats from?



    • The Shoe Consultant says:

      Hi Hannah,
      Thanks for your question. I think your best bet will be Shoes of Prey. They offer a large selection of design-your-own options in ladies footwear up to a size 13.5, and in wider fittings to suit your feet.
      Happy shopping,
      The Shoe Consultant

  4. Sarah says:

    Wondering if you can help- my partner has size 12.5-13 feet, and they are very very narrow. He has real trouble sourcing shoes, both casual and smart, which are not too wide- any ideas where we could shop? Ideally in Scotland/Online/East Sussex- what a mixture!!!!!!

    Many thanks,

  5. Jacqueline Trueman says:


    I am currently looking for a pair of school shoes for my 13 year old daughter. She is a UK 5 1/2 with very narrow feet and small ankles, unfortunately shops like Clarke’s are unable to help. Even with insoles the shoes do not fit comfortably. The main problem is I purchased a pair of plain black plimsole style shoes (they were the only ones that fit the best) at a cost of £45 and asked the school if they could give me a few weeks for the new season of shoes to come into the stores and I would keep trying to which they replied no because they weren’t appropriate school shoes ,( they only became aware of them when I wrote a letter apologising for the incorrect shoes but assured them my search would continue) and that I have until the start of next week to get the correct ones otherwise she will be taken out of classes and put into inclusion and will isolated from the whole school. I have looked into made to measure shoes but they are very expensive and would not arrive in time. I am always respectful of the school rules but I do not know how to please all concerned. I’ve tried some online companies but the the 1/2 size seems to be more of a problem than the width. Could you help me Please.

    • The Shoe Consultant says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m very sorry to hear about your and your daughter’s terrible shoe-related experience.

      With regards to the issue you have had of finding size 5½ footwear, I have two pieces of advice:

      Firstly if you can find brands who primarily use continential sizes, you should find that size 39 is a bit under a 6.

      Secondly, if shoes are a little long, I would recommend putting a half foam insole into the front of each shoe. This pushes the feet back against the heels which helps to keep the shoes comfortably in place. Please don’t use heel grips, as they do the opposite of this, which gives a very bad fit. If you can’t find half insoles, whole ones can be cut in half with scissors.

      I found a few narrow-fitting options in size 5½ which I thought you could try:

      Duo Mary Janes
      Softwalk Mary Janes
      Trotter Slimmy
      Walking Cradles Feline
      Padders Poem Mary Jane

      I really hope I have helped you and your daughter in your quest. Please let me know how you get on.

      Best of luck,

      The Shoe Consultant

  6. Denise Vardill says:

    Besides Clarks, are there other retailers that are willing to sell odd shoe sizes? Many thanks

    • The Shoe Consultant says:

      Hi Denise,

      Thanks for your question. I have a few suggestions that I hope will be helpful to you.

      Solemates is a voluntary organisation which can provide you with details of odd-sizes shoe suppliers.

      Padders offer a range of products called Dual Fit, for feet of different widths:

      Shoes of Prey offer fashionable made to order footwear, so are more of an investment purchase. You can select colour, material, shape, and pay the premium to select odd sizes.

      Please let me know how you get on.

      Good luck with your shoe hunt!

      The Shoe Consultant

  7. kathy alexander says:

    please can you tell me where i can buy shoes .boots .trainers with a D shape sole as i need them because of my high instep please reply i’m desprite to have no sore feet .

    thank you

    • The Shoe Consultant says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Thanks very much for your message.

      I’d be really grateful if you could send me an image of the shape of sole you need, so I can endeavour to help.

      Please send to:

      With many thanks,

      The Shoe Consultant

  8. johanna says:

    My son has tiny, extremely narrow feet ( apparently a infant 8c fit). i can’t find school shoes for him – even e fits ( which are too wide) are only available in designs clearly made for girls. his normal shoes i buy from a small german manufacturer, but they don’t do black ( germany has no school uniforms, children’s schoes tendcto be colourfull). Help please!

  9. johanna says:

    the insoles solution would work on D shoes, but for E shoes he would need a thick and a thin insole, and he can’t run abd balance properly with this combination. Made to measure it is…

    • Elly says:

      Hi there, I have been looking for flattish, grippy soled knee-high boots that fit me for nearly 20 years. I went to ted and muffy this week and none of theirs fit. My problem is that I have very narrow heels but only slightly narrow at the front. I went to a narrow fitting shop last and their styles were too narrow for me (but not at the back). The only pair of boots I’ve ever found that fit me are lace ups made by an Italian company Shoe Colour. But they are I’d like boots that aren’t lace up. The other complication is that my front toes stick up so I need a high toe box.
      Can you recommend some companies that do a semi made to measure service but would include heel measurements as well as calf/ankle? Or if I need to go made to measure all the way, could you recommend those and give an idea of price? Many thanks

      • Susannah Davda says:

        Hi Eleanor,

        Thanks for your question, and apologies for my late reply.

        You could try The Bootmakers, who offer a semi bespoke service with knee-high boots from £210-295 or fully bespoke for £350.

        Tuffa boots make styles for horse-riding, many of which are stylish enough to wear normally. They charge £60 on top of their normal boot prices as a bespoke fee for made to measure. That means you would pay around £210-260 for bespoke knee-high boots.

        Another equestrian/country style company is The Spanish Boot Company, who offer stylish made to measure styles from £300-360

        For an option under £200, you could try Chuckle. A similarly styled but pricier bespoke company is Conker.

        There is also a company called Altberg, but their prices are much higher: £1,200-1,500.

        I hope you find something suitable. Please let me know how you get on.

        All the best for 2016!


  10. Catherine Byars says:

    would like to know if anyone makes boots with a 57cm calf

    • Susannah Davda says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Many thanks for your question. Try these from JD Williams. The calf width increases depending on your shoe size, but you may find that even if your feet are at the smaller end, the elastic gussets should help the calf to expand further.

      Happy boot shopping,

      Susannah Davda

  11. celia says:

    I am getting married in september. I take size 6,eeeee shoes. Can anyone help me find a pair of pretty,low heeled bronze/silver or gold shoes. Plz,pretty plz with a cherry on top.

    • Susannah Davda says:

      Thanks for your message Celia. I bet you’re excited for your wedding. Here are a few ideas for you:

      Heavenly Soles

      The Shoe Tailor

      The Shoe Tailor

      If these seem a little plain, you can always purchase some pretty shoe clips. I do hope that helps.

      Have a wonderful wedding.



      • Viv Hesketh says:

        Please can you tell me where i can find suitable shoes for my sister in size 4.she has narrow arthritic feet and is diabetic.she needs a big toe box.she also needs as well as everyday shoes,a pair with little heels for a wedding.she is 83.thanks.
        viv hesketh

        • Susannah Davda says:

          Hi Viv,

          Thanks for your message.

          I hope that you will find something suitable for your sister on James Inglis. They offer three different width fittings: AAA, AA & B and a large selection of styles.

          A few tips:

          To find footwear with a big toe box, look for styles with plenty of bump on the toe, and opt for rounded toes rather than square or pointed.

          For the every day style, adjustable velcro straps or a lace-up fastening should provide the best fit and the most comfort.

          For the wedding style, a Mary Jane would look dressy without compromising on fit or support.

          I hope this information helps. Please let me know how you get on.

          Many thanks,


  12. Kelly says:

    I am a wheelchair user with size 1 feet and wide calves, I am struggling to find boots, do you have any suggestions.


    • Susannah Davda says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Thanks very much for your message. I have a couple of suggestions for you.

      Pricey but beautiful: Pretty Small Shoes offer a large selection of women’s boots in your size. Opt for a style with stretch panels to ensure they fit your calves.

      You could try boots aimed at teen girls for a lower priced option: Jones Bootmaker have a good selection.

      I hope that’s helpful.

      Good luck in your search, and let me know how you get on.

      Best regards,


  13. Louise Kanti says:


    I am now in my mid 30’s and still to this day can’t wear any kind of open style shoe, for example high heels or ballet pump style shoes unless they have straps on because I have stupidly narrow feet so its very rare that I wear high heels at at all unless a boot kind as then I have better support for my ankles.
    Even summers shoes are a massive problem but any kind of strapless court type shoe is just a horrendous experience for me as I can feel my toes having to scrunch up just to keep the things on my feet and its up my my calves feeling like they are about to cramp up. Normal ankle boots I have just learned to wear thick winter socks and sometimes just double up my socks in order to feel comfortable.

    I would like to know where I can get a typical high heeled stiletto type party show from without having to wear straps?

    Found very few sites/stores that sell 5 and a half size shoes let alone narrow fitting to :'(

    My feet are 5, 1/2 & narrow fit with extreamly high arches.

    Many thanks,


    • Susannah Davda says:

      Hi Louise,

      Many thanks for your message. I understand your frustration, and hope I can offer some help.

      With regards to finding a size 5½, you may find it helpful to look at European manufactured footwear. Size 38 is somewhat larger than a standard UK 5.

      If your budget will stretch, you could try Ted and Muffy or Shoes of Prey.

      For more affordable options, James Inglis or Elegant Steps offer a good selection of evening/party courts in size 5½ narrow. also have a good selection of court shoes in your size, and they ship to the UK.

      I hope you find a style you love to party in.

      Best of luck,


  14. Rachel says:

    I have small feet (size 4/5) as well as being very narrow. I have tried buying countless boots, falling in love with them and then having to return them as they slip off my feet a bit at the back (it’s very noticable when walking especially). It does help to add insoles, bu i still haven’t found a good pair to keep.
    I am looking for boots, especially winter boots (so with fur lining or of sorts). Also i prefer no high heels, unless they are quite flat with the style of the boot.
    Please can you offer any advice of where i can buy some from
    Many Thanks

    • Susannah Davda says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having problems finding boots for your elegant narrow feet.

      James Inglis have a good selection of furry-lined narrow-fitting boots, which are available in half sizes. These calf-height boots look cosy.

      If your budget will stretch a bit further, you could invest in something from Ted & Muffy.

      I hope you find something you love!

      Best of luck,


  15. Jacky says:

    My son-in-law has size 17 (UK) feet and I would like to get some riding boots (short or long) for his birthday, but I have no idea where to start looking. I would appreciate any help.

    • Susannah Davda says:

      Hi Jacky,

      Whilst I don’t think you’ll find any ready made riding boots in your son-in-law’s size, there are many companies who offer made to measure riding boots.

      Below is a selection, mostly based in the U.K. or certainly catering to U.K. customers. Many offer gift vouchers, which could be a useful option for you.

      Horace Batten
      The Leather Shop

      I hope that helps. Please let me know how you get on in your search.

      Best of luck,


  16. Mary says:

    hi, i’m getting married soon, and the hardest part is to finding the perfect bridal shoes. i can only wear flat shoes with a little heel ( ballerinas) but i have a custom made orthopedic insole as i have extremely flat feet and overpronation really badly. i’m looking for shoes where i can fit my insole so come up slightly wider at the back and the front. most importantly the side material needs to be strong,rigid. i have tried casual ballerina shoes but they all like a paper shoes:( im looking it in white color. thank you for help

    • Susannah Davda says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks very much for your enquiry, and congratulations on your impending wedding!

      I have some ideas for you that I hope will help. A leather upper would be ideal, to have the structure you need.

      These Clarks pumps should have a wider fitting than standard flimsy high street flats.

      Also, this white ballet flat from Geox would tend to have a more generous fit.

      Gabor is another comfort brand, and I hope this style would suit your needs.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know how you get on.

      Best regards,


      • Jacki says:

        I was so excited to see on this thread! I have ordered from them several times now. I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you have trouble finding shoes that fit. My feet are very wide, and my shoes fit perfectly every time I order. Mary, you can choose the height of the heel with them as well.