This hot weather means we can finally get our toes out. It’s tempting to live in your flip-flops/toe-posts/thongs, whatever you like to call them. You might even be thinking about wearing them on your commute to work.

This style can cause issues when worn in the wrong environment, so it’s time for some more top tips.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of the humble flip-flop:


Don’t do it because:

  • Flip-flop soles rarely have good grip, so your feet can slip off the pedals
  • Your feet can slip out of these sandals, and the flip-flop could get stuck under a pedal
  • The shoe may twist away from the sole of your foot causing discomfort, distraction, and affecting your ability to use the pedals
  • Your toes will need to grip to keep them on, which can cause short- and long-term foot problems
  • It’s not currently illegal in the UK, but the RAC advise against it.



Do it because:

  • They protect your feet from hot sand
  • If pebbles or sand get stuck between your foot and these sandals, you can easily slip them off and remove the offending object
  • You’re unlikely to be walking far
  • They keep your feet blissfully cool
  • You can slip them off and run into the water at will



Don’t do it because:

  • They don’t provide enough support to prevent you from twisting your ankle on uneven ground
  • The sole is unlikely to provide enough grip
  • There is very little foot coverage for protecting your feet from unfriendly plants such as brambles and stinging nettles


Town walking/commuting

Don’t do it because:

  • Your heel can come off the back of the shoe, on to unsanitary or dangerous surfaces
  • People may tread on the back of your heel, as it’s unprotected
  • Your toes are vulnerable to being stubbed
  • Someone could tread on the back of your flip-flop, causing you to trip, and the strap to hurt the tender area between your toes

Where do you like to wear your flip-flops? Tweet me a photo, or let me know in the comments.

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