• Wedge of ochre
    Wedge of ochre
    Yellows can be so cheerful that just wearing them lifts your mood. The wedge + platform elevation means your maxi skirt won't drag.
  • Tri-colour
    There's something scholastic about this T-bar. The white sole and heel outline gives a clever graphic look for what could be called education chic.
  • Orangeade
    Feeling bold? Float along in these incredibly comfortable bright hued flatforms. A sporty style best accessorised with abs (or a glass of Fanta).
  • Shiny point
    Shiny point
    The metallic bronze gives a dash of glamour to this clever flat. Make your feet stand out, by wearing these with a black silk dress or trousers in the evening.
  • Blue trio
    Blue trio
    Just an easy slip-on flat in three shades of blue. Great for getting the comfort of more foot coverage, whilst rocking the sporty bright look.
  • Rose tinted
    Rose tinted
    A pretty and flattering pink without being insipid. This sandal protects your heel from the clumsy foot of the person behind you.
  • Dark print
    Dark print
    Not feeling particularly bright and perky, but want an interesting look? This dark foliage print gives sophistication to summer sandals.
  • Tutti frutti
    Tutti frutti
    Get noticed in these tri-colour sandals with a low block heel. The slim straps are elegant, and there are enough of them to comfortably support your feet.


It’s hard to disagree that the summer has been somewhat lacklustre so far. If life were a musical or a cheesy rom-com, then wearing brightly coloured sandals would encourage the sun to come out.

At this point I’m getting desperate, and Camper are making some stylish and completely wearable non-neutral options. I say, let’s give it a go.

Click through the slide show above to get inspired (and fingers crossed the sun will come out…soon…please!).

Build your confidence in trying different shoe colours, by downloading my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

Let me know which bright colour you’re willing to try, on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.


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