Shoe consultancy

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Do you have a small or medium-sized shoe brand, or did you recently launch a start-up shoe business?

Are you looking for expert help in creating women’s shoes which are both comfortable and beautiful?

Using her proven Product Management experience, Susannah Davda a.k.a. The Shoe ConsultantTM  will help you to create commercial products, which fit within your brand values.

You will receive Susannah’s guidance, so together we can incorporate optimum comfort into your products without compromising aesthetics.

Through our public-facing services, we at The Shoe Consultant Ltd receive constant updates on the issues which shoe shoppers most commonly face. We can help you to understand and capitalise on the needs of consumers, to ensure sustainable growth for your brand.


✓ Finding a niche

✓ Understanding the consumer

✓ Analysing competitors

✓ Targeting distribution channels

✓ Creating a logical and profitable pricing structure

✓ Turning your idea into a viable product

✓ Making high heels comfortable

✓ Deciding which country to manufacture your product in

✓ Finding a manufacturer



E-mail for enquiries.


Client Testimonials

Shola Asante of Sante + Wade

“Working with Susannah as I prepare for the launch of my brand has been one of the wisest decisions I made this year. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the industry, both at home and abroad. She brings warmth and personality to her role and has given me plenty of sage advice along the way. I can’t over-emphasize how useful it’s been to have someone with her expertise just a phone call or email away. Someone with whom I can brainstorm and get objective opinions, sometimes just reassurance that everything is on the right track. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s a great resource to have in your corner.”

Laura Stucki of Moses Grace LLC

“I was so fortunate to have found Susannah Davda. Her expert guidance and seasoned judgements have guided me through the rough early stages of company development. She is clearly focused on her clients’ challenges and able to direct them accordingly with great wit!! I look forward to continuing my work with Susannah as she brings out the best in me.”

Sharon Maddy-Patel of Maddy Lou Shoes

“Susannah came along just at the right time for me. We had a brilliant discussion and I felt I moved forward leaps and bounds from one session. Since working with Susannah I have found a manufacturer to work with and have started prototyping. She is very professional and likeable.”

Julie Tadros – footwear entrepreneur

“Susannah was a great help to the start-up; she provided expertise and insight into not only the technical aspects of shoe manufacturing, but the entire process of creating a shoe line from start to finish, including business planning. Susannah is thorough and very detail oriented. Her help was a great asset to the start-up. I definitely recommend her.”

Sarah J. Martins of ModernMankind

“Susannah helped me develop the technical aspect of my shoe design from concept to spec. sheet. She is a pleasure to work with and her input was invaluable.”

Teresa Skrepenski of Skrepenski & Associates:

“I would highly recommend Susannah to anyone looking for assistance in the footwear industry. Susannah went above and beyond what I was expecting when I hired her. She is an excellent communicator and is easy to work with.
Thank you Susannah!”

Conor McCarthy

“I have been working with Susannah since 2015 on a footwear project. At all times she has been extremely professional, helpful and patient with the process with me. I am new to the industry so while I have little experience I have a fantastic guide in Susannah!”

Elina Steinberga

“[Susannah is] the person who is very passionate about what she does and definitely the one who you would approach for any advice in footwear industry! Myself Elina and Agnese (BA Creative Industries Final Year Students) are currently setting up a footwear label and have lots to learn and many questions about the industry, in order to make our business a successful venture. Thank you, Leicester College, for introducing us to Susannah, whose guidance and consultancy is going to be used for our future business. Without you, we would not be aware of this amazing lady!”





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