• Cool climb
    Cool climb
    Thank you Adidas for making functional, comfortable, waterproof walking shoes, in cool-looking black and grey with not a hint of pink.
  • Strong paws
    Strong paws
    A more interesting upper design than standard go faster stripes: Jack Wolfskin's signature paw logo enhances these 4 shades of grey hikers.
  • Street sleek
    Street sleek
    These sleek black Haglofs shoes are intended for speed-hiking. They offer functionality for trail walking, but won't look out of place on the street.
  • Compact calm
    Compact calm
    In grey suede and mesh, this good-looking low-profile style from Columbia will squash into your luggage more easily than bulkier options.
  • Dry & determined
    Dry & determined
    Salomon are true experts in this type of footwear. This hi-spec black and grey style has a full Gore-Tex lining to keep your feet dry while looking good.
  • Vertical value
    Vertical value
    A good-looking budget option from the Mountain Warehouse own brand. These have a waterproof lining, and come in wearable navy with grey.
  • Chic curves
    Chic curves
    Merrell is another trusted brand for walking footwear. This waterproof style boasts curvaceous lines, a subtle colourway, and a memory-foam footbed.


I love to go walking in the great outdoors, particularly when I’m on holiday. I’m not an adrenaline junkie, but know that sometimes the best views come at the end of an uphill walk.

Trip after trip, I find that my trendy trainers are not really up to the job. I once swam through a cave in Thailand in white leather Cos trainers. They dried out around a week later, and eventually lost the odour of bog.

The reason why I’ve never bought any fit-for-purpose walking shoes, is that I just haven’t found any I like enough. Brands have a nasty habit of taking a men’s style and saying “let’s shrink it and pink it”. I’m serious, it’s a phrase I’ve heard used. The result is usually a fairly bulky-looking black or grey shoe with a hideous flash of purple, pink or another supposedly “girly” colour.

If you’re anything like me, I imagine you aren’t happy to completely compromise your style to avoid falling off a cliff. Click through the slide-show to discover good-looking walking shoes so you can stay upright, alive and stylish whilst having adventures.

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