The world of footwear has become increasingly creative in recent history. In the context of so much choice, embellishment and colour, workaday footwear can fall rather flat.

I have high expectations every fashion week season, and hope to be wowed by new styles on the models’ hard-working feet. Whilst Karl Lagerfeld’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Chanel collection brought us colourful maxi-length knitted outfits, and unexpected skirt on trouser layering, footwear took a back seat.

The one style which featured on all of the female models was this very simple sling-back.









Whilst the nude with black toe-cap motif is a familiar one to lovers of Chanel, this simple silhouette fails to bring innovation to the fashion house. If Lagerfeld’s aim was to avoid distracting attention from the apparel, he has achieved this, but where’s the fun in that?

Is it too much to ask why there is no new version of those multi-coloured boots from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection?

Perhaps I have a form of footwear ADHD. Plain old shoe styles may fail to keep my attention, but when they are made from beautiful materials, or with exquisite details, even the simplest styles can grab me.

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