It’s socially acceptable to wear trainers in far more situations than it was 10 years ago. Now we don’t have to justify not being on the way to the gym/sports practice/a marathon, our feet are free to enjoy the comfort offered by the trusty trainer. I’m always on the look-out for sleek trainers for women. It’s rare to find a reasonably-priced style which doesn’t look too clunky.

  • The sleekest of the colourways, with a graphic monochrome strap and crisp white sole.
  • A light colour option which will still be relevant in future summers. The textile upper features an open weave to keep you cool.
  • This rare red and white version is well worth snapping up (if you can get your size). Great for all year round wear.
  • There's nothing like a pure white trainer. A staple of any fashion-savvy streetwear look.
  • For a slightly sportier look than the black toe-cap version, opt for this black + white classic.
  • Light grey is a useful shade for when you want a pale tone without opting for cute pastels.
  • Express your girly side in trainers (not high heels), with this baby pink colourway in mesh.


Adidas have recently made gains in the fashion arena, which has been dominated by Nike for some time. This Adidas Originals Superstar slip-on is a highly wearable example of what the brand are doing so right.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

The recognisable and well-loved shell toe is complemented by wide elastic cross straps rather than the standard Superstar laces. A functional feature which ensures a comfortable glove-like fit.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

The back strap helps the soft fabric back of the shoe to keep its shape. The strong black on white print incorporates the iconic Adidas trefoil.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

The trefoil also shines brightly from a tab on the top of the shoe. The printed lining is a nice touch too. It’s fun to have a secret that nobody else will see.

sleek trainers for women adidas originals superstar slip-on

This style comes in several colourways. Just click through the slide show at the top of the page to see many of the options available in these sleek trainers for women.

Good work Adidas. I can’t wait to see what’s next for us ladies who like sleek sporty style with our comfort.

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This feature about shoes for personal assistants executive assistants is the second in my new Top 10 Shoes for…  series. Throughout the series, I’ll be interviewing inspiring women in each of the featured professions about their work shoes. You can also find my top 10 recommendations for fabulous shoes suitable for this profession in the slide show.

  • A sophisticated work look can be achieved by matching these shoes with a conservative navy suit and white shirt combo. Smart doesn't have to be plain.
  • This 3.8" block heel gives height with stability. Wear with off white, plum or (if you dare) yellow or mustard.
  • This bi-coloured mid-heeled court shoe is the perfect antidote to plain black. The navy and nude combination is classic without being drab.
  • White shoes can look brash in the work place. This subtle light pink shade with its black toe-cap looks sophisticated when you don’t want to wear dark shoes.
  • Did you ever think a T-bar could be this sexy? No neither did I. Librarian chic? This is more like librarian sexy, but still conservative enough for your work place.
  • Dark red shades like this plum work well for the autumn and winter months. An ideal complement to your black or charcoal grey tailored dress or skirt suit.
  • A warm pink which is not too neon for work. With a hint of white at the toe, this is a flattering colour mix for spring, summer and early autumn.
  • This brighter colour mix works for more laid-back office cultures. Try with cropped white trousers, or for a smarter look, opt for a knee-length white shirt dress.
  • This pale grey court shoe with contrasting black toe-cap is sophisticated and more fashion forward than plain black. It coordinates well with black, green, and grey.
  • This teal or "jade" colour is not too lurid, and neither is it tediously dark. It adds a pop of colour to any sophisticated outfit in cool tones of grey, blue or white.

What do personal assistants/executive assistants want from their shoes?

I asked a PA with 7 years of experience all about her footwear.

Meet Polly Pairman-Phillips

shoes for personal assistants executive assistants

Q. What’s your job title?

A. PA to the Principal of a large college

Q. Do you wear the same shoes to travel to work as you do at work?

A. Depends on the shoe. As long as I can drive safely in them I wear them for both.

tan pumps shoes for personal assistants executive assistants

Q. What do you feel are the most important aspects of your work footwear?

A. Comfort, durability and smartness.

tan lace up wedge sandals shoes for personal assistants executive assistants

Q. Do you usually wear heels or flats at work?

A. Usually heels. I like how feminine they make me feel & they work best with my work clothes.

Yull pointed court shoes royal blue shoes for personal assistants executive assistants

Q. Where do you normally buy your work shoes?

A. Office, but my newest heels are from Yull.

Yull Cheltenham Plum Black shoes for personal assistants executive assistants

Q. Are you able to express your personal style at work? If so, how do you like to show it?

A. I can express my style to a certain extent, but my workplace is quite casual so I can’t dress as smartly as I would like to. It is also in an old building and most of the year I end up wearing lots of layers just to keep warm!

black boots shoes for personal assistants executive assistants


To help out all of you hard-working personal assistants and executive assistants, I’ve selected the very best shoes for your profession that you can just click through and buy. Find my top 10 shoes for personal assistants executive assistants in the slide show at the top of the page. All of the shoes featured are from amazing British-made brand Yull. You can read my interview with founder Sarah Watkinson-Yull here.

For loads of essential tips on how to find comfortable, beautiful footwear, you can download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

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Remember the sun? I think it shone last week. I want you to be prepared for your summer holidays abroad, or for when the sun reappears at home. So I have 5 ways for you to avoid tan lines on your feet.

3 ways to avoid tan lines on your feet mauritius sunset

Bikini strap marks, T-shirt lines, or an obvious start to your leg tan can look silly, but what about your feet? Have you ever worn a pair of sandals in the sun, which you still appeared to be wearing when you took them off?

3 ways to avoid tan lines on your feet

How to avoid tan lines on your feet

1. Wear a high SPF sun screen on your feet. Apply it before you put your sandals on so you don’t miss the key areas just next to your sandal straps. I like spray applicators best to avoid sticky hands. Make sure the cream, lotion or spray has been absorbed before donning your sandals and skipping out under the rays. Follow the packaging advice on this. Wearing sun screen will also help prevent your feet from showing signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and age spots.

3 ways to avoid tan lines on your feet Nivea factor 50

2. Go bare foot when it’s practical and safe to do so. There’s nothing like the feeling of grass or sand on the soles of your feet to help you feel relaxed. Make sure you don’t have any cuts or scrapes that germs could enter, and be sure to exfoliate your feet regularly. Going bare foot hardens the soles of your feet.

3 ways to avoid tan lines on your feet on grass

This is the most important tip of all:

3. Alternate your sandal styles. Cross strap sandals one day, toe loop slides the next, flip-flops for a beach day and so on… Even if you just take two pairs of sandals on holiday, this can help you to avoid tan lines on your feet. It’s also a good way to allow any rubs caused by sandal straps to heal. Wearing the same pair day-in, day-out will just aggravate the problem.

3 ways to avoid tan lines on your feet alternate your sandal styles GIF

Now go ahead and try to find some sunshine!

Do you have any tips for avoiding tan lines? Please share them in the comments, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Most of us are now familiar with Toms’ signature espadrille-style canvas slip-ons. We’ve heard the story of Blake Mycoskie’s social enterprise and one-for-one business model. But did you know that Toms make sandals too?

  • A subtle gold metallic leather makes these sandals ideal for both daytime and casual evening looks.
  • Bright white for summer with a dip-dye effect fringe around the ankle. The perfect colour for all skin-tones.
  • This suede option is offered in a rich earthy red. It's adorned with cut-outs and bold beading details.
  • The pale camel and cream combination has subtle cut-outs. A lovely summer neutral colourway for pairing with white, cream, browns and pastels.
  • This version of the Lexie sandal has a woven strap with a black and white geometric pattern. This contrasts well with the pure black straps.


These sandals not only come in several different colours and prints, but they also have comfort features. Unlike some flat sandals, Toms make sandals with cushioned insocks for “all day wear”. The soles are rubber, which helps you grip the ground. There are many surfaces in the world which are slippery even when it hasn’t been raining. Well-worn pavements, marble and other hard stone floors, the tiles at the edge of swimming pools…I could go on.

I remember walking down a steep hill in Madeira in a pair of beautiful, comfortable leather-soled sandals. The pavement and road were incredibly slippery, my sandals provided zero traction, and it was too hot and uneven to go barefoot. It was a slow journey. My boyfriend (now husband) may have had hot feet in his trainers, but at least he could walk like a human being, rather than like a strange shuffling bird.

Madeira flowers toms make sandals

So thank you Toms for the rubber soles and cushioned insocks. Toms make sandals: good ones!

You can buy a pair and know that you’re helping a child somewhere in the world to be able to walk to school. That and you’ll be able to walk around comfortably all day too. It’s win-win.

Click through the slide show at the top of the page to find five of the best colourways that these sandals come in. Toms make sandals with a variety of adornments, and simpler versions too, so there’s an option for each of us.

Let me know which is your favourite colour of these Toms sandals in the comments, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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I often read articles about the essential shoe styles every woman should have in your wardrobe. If I was writing this list, a pair of great looking comfortable high heeled sandals would definitely be on it.

shoe wardrobe comfortable high heeled sandals

I popped into a Clarks store today, and tried on the most comfortable high heeled sandals I’ve ever had on my feet. They didn’t even have wedge heels!

I love a wedge, but sometimes a separate heel can look more elegant. Unlike some wedges, this style is lightweight, so you can chuck them in your luggage for weekends away or long summer holidays.

Wolf & Badger Mahi weekend bag

There are many great things about this sandal, but a couple of things to be wary of. Before I reveal the comfortable high heeled sandal in question, here are the pros and cons:


  • Leather upper
  • Leather lining
  • Comes in half sizes
  • Comfortable
  • 9cm heel (but doesn’t feel like it)
  • Comes in three colourways
  • Lightweight
  • Looks cool not frumpy
  • Back strap is elasticated
  • Affordable


  • Front two straps have no adjustment
  • Fitting is slim to standard – not suitable for wide feet or high insteps

Drum roll please…
drumroll photo drumroll.gif

This is it! The sandal has a sports luxe look going on with its white sole. The grey heel and partly printed upper contrast with the orange front strap, which is a little less bright in reality than the photo appears.

Imali Jasmine Light Grey comfortable high heeled sandal

If the first colourway is a little too much for your style, it also comes in a textured silver leather. This is a useful neutral without being too plain.

Imali Jasmine Silver Metallic comfortable high heeled sandal

Black can look boring on some shoes, but soft matte black leather gives a highly sophisticated look to this chic sandal.

Imali Jasmine Black comfortable high heeled sandal

I only wish there were more colour options. I’d be tempted to buy them all!

I dare you to try this style on in your nearest Clarks store. If you can’t get there, they have lots of options for free delivery and returns too.

Can the sun come out now pleeease?

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  • DB Shoes
    DB Shoes
    A sporty but sleek style with adjustable Velcro straps. These shoes contain two removable air-cushioned insoles, so you can swap them for orthotics.
  • Padders
    A wide-fitting style with croc-print panel, and subtle metallic pewter details. These lace-ups contain no leather, so they are a good option for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Dr. Martens
    Dr. Martens
    A twist on the classic Dr. Martens shoe style on its traditional air-cushioned sole. The added zip means you can get the shoe on and off swiftly.
  • Waldlaufer
    A wide-fitting loafer with "RubFlex Light air-cushion" sole. This easy slip-on also has a leather lining. This wicks moisture away from your feet, improving comfort.
  • Ecco
    The wedges on these sleek patent lace-ups are "hard-wearing, light and flexible". Leather linings improve internal comfort.
  • Mephisto
    A sportier style with 3cm heel for comfort. The Velcro strap is adjustable for optimum fit.
  • Fitflop
    A surprisingly smart shoe from this brand. Comfort is augmented by a "soft, breathable" leather lining and the Supercomff™ midsole.
  • Mephisto
    A sleek style with zip and hidden elastic. The 3cm wedge reduces impact on your heels, and gives you extra height.
  • Ecco
    A sports-inspired lace-up with the benefits of an easy to clean leather upper. The sole is flexible, lightweight and hardwearing.
  • Rohde
    Sometimes you want to express your style with a flash of croc-print. These shoes have a shock-absorbing sole, adjustable Velcro strap, and removable insole.


This feature about shoes for nurses is the first in my new Top 10 Shoes for…  series. Throughout the series, I’ll be interviewing inspiring women in each of the featured professions about their work shoes. You can also find my top 10 recommendations for fabulous shoes suitable for these jobs.

What do nurses want from their shoes?

We asked a highly experienced nurse all about her footwear.

Meet Dorthe

Dorthe nurse in uniform wearing shoes for nurses

Q. What’s your job title?

A. I’m the Deputy Head of Nursing in an Emergency Department

Q. Do you wear the same shoes to travel to work as you do at work?

A. Absolutely not ! If you spend 10-12 hrs in the same shoes, you really want a break from them. Also work shoes are not particular smart – much more functional. Most people I work with leave their work shoes at work. Every changing room I have been to is like a sea of shoes. It can get a bit smelly too, and there’s always a box of single shoes! it’s a mystery what happens to the other one, but it’s the same in every changing room.

Shoes for nurses standing in a circle in nurses uniform

Q. What are the most important aspects of your work footwear?

A. Comfortable and sturdy/durable. Work shoes are the shoes we spend most time in, so they have got to be supportive. After so many years of working, I got Plantar Fasciitis, so I need to be very particular about my shoes or have an insole.

I wear MBT leather lace-up shoes. They’re incredible supportive and also good for the back. Many nurses get backache being on their feet for so long. I do too, but the MBTs really prevent that.

Most nurses I work with wear trainers, but I find them too hot and sweaty. They’re also not as easy to keep clean as leather shoes.

Our shoes do get a few spillages and depending on where you work, they can get dirty (from plaster of paris). I prefer shoes I can wipe clean. It’s also sensible to have shoes that can protect from sharps.

shoes for nurses uniform policy

Q. Do you usually wear heels or flats at work?

A. The MBTs have a heel on them. My feet would go on strike if I didn’t have a small heel on my shoes!

Q. Where do you normally buy your work shoes?

A. Usually John Lewis as they stock MBTs. Before I wore them, I tended to wear Ecco shoes so I’d shop in shoe stores that stocked that brand.

MBT Pata Classic Zip shoes for nurses

Q. Are you able to express your personal style at work?

A. Very little, but last time I found a pair of MBTs which meet the criteria of being lace-up but also have a zip on them. They look a bit smarter.


To help out all of you hard-working healthcare professionals, I’ve selected the very best shoes for nurses that you can just click through and buy from Find my top 10 in the slide show at the top of the page.

For loads of essential tips on how to find comfortable, beautiful footwear, you can download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.



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Unless you’ve lived in bare feet and slippers since you learnt to walk, the likelihood is that your feet need a little TLC from a chiropodist now and then. So why visit a chiropodist?

why visit a chiropodist bare feet on grass

I found that reaching the age of 30 (some years ago) not only brought the “tick-tock” comments from older relatives, but also a scattering of corns. Delightful.

What causes corns? Simply pressure or friction. This can occur with any type of shoes.

  • Pumps too short = corns on the tips of your longest toes
  • Shoes too narrow = corns on the sides of your little toes
  • Boots too wide = corns on the balls of your feet due to movement
  • Heels too high = corns on the balls of your feet due to pressure

Indian sandals paving slabs border why visit a chiropodist

Corns are the body’s way of building a sort of armour to protect your feet.

So why would you want to get rid of these helpful little shields? Well they can be quite uncomfortable. I find if I don’t have the corns on the balls of my feet removed, I can’t wear high heels comfortably. Similarly the ones on the sides of my little toes prevent me from wearing pointed shoes.

At this time of year when your feet are exposed in sandals, you’ll want them to look their best.

bricks flower bed why visit a chiropodist

Can you prevent corns from forming altogether? If so, how?

  • Rotating your footwear collection, and avoiding wearing the same style on repeat can help keep the corns at bay.
  • Alternate heels and flats, and pointed and round toed styles
  • Wear styles which fit you perfectly so they don’t squeeze your feet, and neither do your feet slosh about. Your shoes should comfortably hug your feet.

Why visit a chiropodist? Comfort, beauty, and the ability to wear all of your lovely shoes this summer.

gold black sandals beach sea why visit a chiropodist

For essential tips on how to find comfortable, beautiful footwear, download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

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  • Multi-coloured styles are easier to match to your clothes than combos of just two colours. The more colours in a sandal, the more shades it complements.
  • The beauty of this sandal is in the simplicity of the design and quality of materials. Dark navy is a more flattering summer neutral than black.
  • White is an easy summer neutral which complements any colour. The toe bumper protects your manicure, and the rubber sole helps to prevent slips.
  • These soft gold leather sandals have stable block heels a little over 3" in height. The ankle ties give a feminine touch, perfect for summer evenings.
  • Dark tan is a warm shade which complements even the palest skintones. These wedges give you a small lift, and they'll look lovely with a midi or maxi skirt.
  • A pretty style with lasercut detailing and multiple slim straps: this flat offers plenty of support, while the silver finish gives a day-to-night hint of glam.
  • A simplifed gladiator style in "natural" leather. Wear with shorts, flowing skirts or just a bikini and sarong. Practical for all your summer adventures.
  • Styles you can wear year-after-year don't have to be dull. This simply-shaped canvas flatform is adorned with gold stripes for a touch of sparkle.


With no guarantee of a long summer in the UK, I always advise my VIP clients to select timeless sandals which will last them for several years.

Rain clouds call for timeless sandals

So how do you select styles which won’t date and look wrong next year?

Here are my 7 essentials for picking your timeless sandals:

palm tree on beach mauritius timeless sandals

1. Avoid heavily embellished styles (e.g. beading, embroidery, appliqué) as they can date easily.

2. Don’t buy a pair because it’s on-trend. Buy it because it suits your feet and your style.

3. Only choose prints and colours you love and won’t get sick of.

4. Do select colours which complement your entire summer wardrobe. Chances are the weather won’t justify a drastic change to these seasonal items any time soon.

5. Never buy distinctive sandals which you’ve seen on a celebrity: they’re bound to be copied by every high street chain and will look “so last year” next year.

6. Avoid exact high street copies of styles from the catwalk. There’s too much chance of having the same sandals as someone else.

7. Buy quality leather sandals which will be comfortable, mould to your feet, and last for a long time.

One of my favourite brands for flat lace-ups and boyish slip-ons Hudson have launched a highly wearable selection of timeless sandals. Click through the slide-show at the top of the page to find your favourite.

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I love to champion new British brands, and my latest find is Calla Shoes. Named after the beautiful lily, Calla Shoes make flattering footwear for women with bunions.

Calla lilies

With almost half of adults suffering from bunions (1), this is a timely business to launch. I couldn’t wait to ask the founder and CEO Jennifer Bailey all about her brand.

Meet Jennifer Bailey

photo of jennifer bailey with her shoe designs

Q. What has been the most successful pair of shoes you’ve designed?

A. The most popular pair of shoes is the black high heeled court shoe called the Sophia. This is a staple pair of shoes for every woman’s wardrobe and will go with everything so I’m not surprised it’s so popular.

black court shoes for bunions

Q. Can shoes change your life? If so, how?

A. When you have awkward feet, especially bunions, this can affect your life in so many ways. From my own personal experience and the feedback I’ve had from customers, just being able to own and proudly wear a pair of beautiful shoes, when you may have struggled to find a pair for years and years is an incredible feeling.

cream beige wedge sandal for bunions

One customer emailed me recently to tell me how amazing it was that she was able to wear our heels every night on a recent holiday away – something she’s not been able to do for a long time – and she said we’d helped change her life. She wanted to feel glamorous and elegant and felt very strongly that a lovely pair of heels was key to creating this feeling.

Q. What are the elements that make a high heel comfortable?

A. There are several: heel height, pitch of the heel, insole, volume in the toe box, quality of materials used.

gold high heeled sandals for bunions

In Calla shoes we try to make them as comfortable as possible, and provide additional advice with every pair sold on how to look after your feet when wearing heels. Heels can make bunions worse and although we appreciate the fact that women have certain occasions when only heels will do, we can’t advocate the regular use of them if you want to keep the pain at bay.

Q. What inspires you?

A. I’m inspired by people. By other entrepreneurs who have achieved so much and also by amazing start-ups filled with bags of motivation and passion.

photo of Jennifer Bailey's mother
My mother has inspired me as she has always worked full-time and has brought up four children – she made me realise that it wasn’t an impossible task to be very busy in your work life as well as having a family.

I'm inspired by people - Jennifer Bailey Click To Tweet

Q. What’s your favourite place you’ve traveled with work?

A. My factory is based in Porto in Portugal so outside of the UK that’s where I go every few months. Porto is a very beautiful city and so accessible from the UK.

lunch in Porto

Q. How did you become a shoe designer?

A. Technically I’m not! My background is in marketing and the driver for starting the business was to solve a personal problem. I know which styles of shoes work for women with bunions, and I use two great shoe designers who have their own collections of shoes, and completely understand what I’m trying to achieve with the designs.

Porto shoe factory


If you like this feature, you’ll love the other interviewees in my Meet the Designer series: Sarah from Yull and Katie from Sargasso & Grey.

Do have a look at Jennifer’s beautiful styles on the Calla Shoes website. If you’re lucky enough not to suffer from bunions, you’ll almost certainly have a friend or family member who does. Please share this fantastic brand with them, so they can feel glamorous despite their bunions.

For essential tips on how to find shoes for your unique feet, download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

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Having trouble finding wider fitting womens shoes in the UK? The great news is you can find shoes in D, E, EE, EEE, EEEE, 5E & 6E fittings. Beautiful wide womens shoes, boots or sandals for your wider than average feet are within your grasp.

Marilyn Monroe quote give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world on shoe consultant logo background

This list of retailers who stock wide fitting womens shoes means your poor squashed feet can finally breathe. You don’t need to compromise on style either. There are plenty of options for the style conscious.

Many of the companies listed here are UK-based. I’ve also included some from other countries who will dispatch to the UK.


Sargasso & Grey

British shoe company making elegant and stylish shoes for everyday or occasion, in a wider fit.

sargasso and grey wide womens shoes logo

Calla Shoes

Elegant and stylish heels and flats specifically designed for women who suffer from bunions.

calla wide fitting womens shoes


This high street stalwart offers a good selection of options in E fitting, and a few in EE.

clarks wide womens shoes logo

Ellie Dickins Shoes

Numerous classic and comfortable options in width fittings all the way up to 8E.

Ellie Dickins shoes wide womens shoes logo

Medissa Shoes

Options in E and EE fitting.

medissa large womens shoes logo

Shoes of Prey

Fully customisable styles, available in E and EE widths. Select your preferred combination of colour, material and style.

shoes of prey large womens shoes logo

Charles Clinkard

Classic, comfortable and more modern styles in wide and extra wide fittings.

Charles Clinkard wide womens shoes logo

Fashion World

Stylish affordable options from E up to 5E width fitting.

Fashion World wide womens shoes logo


An assortment of well-priced fashion forward styles in E to EEE fitting.

vivaladiva wide womens shoes logo

Elegant Steps

Specialists in bridal and occasion styles, offering glamorous shoes and sandals up to EEE fitting.

elegant steps wide womens shoes logo


Plenty of classic and comfortable styles in E and EEE widths, with a few options in 5E fitting.

marisota wide womens shoes logo

New Look

Many wide fitting versions of on-trend styles, and a large selection of classics.

new look wide womens shoes logo


E and EEE fittings offered in a broad range of styles, all at affordable prices.

Evans wide womens shoes logo

Simply Be

Lovely stylish shoes and basics in E and EEE fitting.

simply be wide womens shoes border


Extra wide EEEEE+ fitting offered in all styles. Comfort for those with medical issues is a focus.

Cosyfeet wide womens shoes logo


Comfortable footwear for those requiring extra wide 4E-6E fittings.

sandpiper wide womens shoes logo

Duo Boots

This brand offers trendy and more classic options. Prices are at the higher end of the high street, but materials and quality are good. Their wider fit ankle boots are around a D fitting. Knee high boots also come with wider foot fitting if ordered with a calf width above a certain measurement.

Duo Boots logo

Dorothy Perkins

Stylish and feminine heels and flats in wide fitting.

dorothy perkins wide womens shoes


Numerous wide fitting options with useful reviews.

amazon wide womens shoes logo


A few wide fitting options from Canadian brand Solea.

shoeaholics wide shoes logo


Wide fit is offered in many classic and comfortable styles from this German brand.

gabor wide womens shoes logo


Beautiful sandals and clogs customised to your specifications. Available in wide fitting.

mohop wide womens shoes border


If you know of any other great companies selling wide fitting womens shoes, please share their details in the comments.

Looking for shoes for Small, Large or Narrow feet?

For essential tips on how to find great quality footwear, download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

Personal shoe services

Do you despair when you open your wardrobe, and see lots of shoes you can’t wear? If so, a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis is for you. Find out how you can rid yourself of guilt and negative feelings, and turn your shoe wardrobe into a place which makes you smile.

Are you fed up of spending hours trawling the shops and still not finding comfortable, beautiful shoes? A One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session is for you if you struggle to find your perfect pair, or have ever made a shoe purchasing mistake. Find out how we can help you navigate treacherous shoe departments with ease.

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