As it’s March now, I have a hope that one of these days the weather might get warmer.

Please indulge this dream, and share the fantasy with me whilst drooling over this season’s on-trend but comfortable sandals.

  • The hiker
    The hiker
    Where Teva led with the hiking sandal trend, other brands followed. This season, their flatform version comes in wearable on-trend brights.
  • The jelly
    The jelly
    Ancient Greek Sandals' more affordable version of their classic winged sandal style. In all black, it's as sophisticated as jelly gets.
  • The slide
    The slide
    A playful colour combination of the classic back on-trend Birkenstock style. The neutral patent upper with just a flash of colour displays your style credentials.
  • The statement
    The statement
    In a favourite colour combination of Michael Jackson, these sandals are a lightweight and comfortable way to stand out from the populace.
  • The snake
    The snake
    Who would believe how happily pale lime green and monochrome can sit together? I love the idea of setting these sandals off with a crisp white dress.
  • The scarlet
    The scarlet
    The set-in sole reminds me of Japanese Geta sandals. In the classic feel-good footwear colour, these are bound to make the wearer smile.
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I love it when the exciting and beautiful shoe styles on the London Fashion Week catwalks don’t look incredibly painful. Erdem showed us that beauty and femininity don’t have to mean pain.

  • Black + Red Oxford Ankle Boot
    Black + Red Oxford Ankle Boot
    Mannish Oxford lace-ups have graduated to higher heels. The rich combination of black and dark red is actually really easy to wear.
  • Black Over Knee Boot
    Black Over Knee Boot
    Don't worry. Those over-the-knee boots you bought this winter will still be on-trend when autumn comes around again.
  • Black + White Oxford Ankle Boot
    Black + White Oxford Ankle Boot
    Good news for feet: block heels are here to stay. I love the contrasting embroidery on croc-embossed leather for the ultimate luxurious detailing.
  • Black + Red Over Knee Boot
    Black + Red Over Knee Boot
    Flats can be sexy too. What better colour and texture combination is there to vamp up your robin hood boots, than black and red croc?


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Much as I love drooling over all of the beautiful shoes strutting down the catwalks, not all of them are gorgeous and practical.

Here is my pick of the top 5 styles from New York Fashion Week A/W 2015 season, which are wearable day-to-day.

  • Rag & Bone
    Rag & Bone
    Conveniently slip-on for when you're in a hurry, these simple monochrome white penny loafers have a low block heel for comfort with a little lift.
  • Proenza Schouler
    Proenza Schouler
    Although they are around three inches high, these sandals are well-supported by a stylish block heel. The grey fabric wrap looks slipper-comfortable.
  • Boss
    Jodhpur boots are the new Chelsea. Although they are a little harder to get on in a hurry, they are just as comfortable for all-day wear. Love the colour combo!
  • Marc Jacobs
    Marc Jacobs
    The flat Oxford has evolved. Mid heels like this cylindrical one are practical, feminine and stylish. What more can a girl ask for from a shoe?
  • Michael Kors
    Michael Kors
    Snake works well as an easy-to-wear wedding option. This heel is placed is placed almost directly under the wearer's centre of gravity, for ultimate stability.


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To quote the great songstress Gwen Stefani: this sh*t is bananas,



















Thanks for this summery print Sophia Webster! It has certainly cheered up my February.


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At last, a footwear brand has really thought about what women want. Nanna Liv, the designer behind Sargossa has developed a patent pending cushioned insole, using medical-grade shock-absorbing foam.

Not content with offering grateful women comfort with their heels, Sargossa provide a small but beautiful range of styles, in numerous shades.

  • The yellow stunner
    The yellow stunner
    Is there a better feel-good colour than yellow? Beautiful with coral nail polish and matching lip gloss. Wear with any colour but black to avoid the bee look.
  • The sweet red court
    The sweet red court
    Red shoes don't have to look promiscuous. This mid-height court has a cute 50s look, and the suede/snake combo. adds a fashion slant.
  • The classic-with-a-twist sandal
    The classic-with-a-twist sandal
    One of those items that will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Who doesn't need a comfortable black stiletto sandal, with beautifully-shaped straps.
  • The cuff sandal
    The cuff sandal
    Blue suede shoes are a must-have this Spring. Just look at the styles on the Fendi and Derek Lam catwalks.
  • The girly circle sandal
    The girly circle sandal
    This hot pink option is great for town-based weddings. Grass and mud are of course the enemy of the stiletto.
  • The high wine red court
    The high wine red court
    Ideal for dominating at work, this colour will certainly perk up your charcoal grey suit.
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It is with great excitement that I can announce I am now a published author!

If you enjoy reading my blog posts and tweets, I know you’ll love all of the essential footwear facts and tips in Outfits in Minutes: A Guide for Time-Pressed Women.

The wonderful Samantha Clarke of Zukuri UnLtd and I combined our expertise to write this life-changing e-book. This is the first in a series of books which combine our expertise in clothing and footwear, to help you skilfully create your signature look with ease.

After hearing the cries of women frustrated by the contents of their wardrobes, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands. We believe in the power of women joining forces to help other women like you.

So just what does it take to find that star outfit for a night out with your friends, or that super important client meeting? We want to help you avoid those “I’ve got nothing to wear” moments. This book reveals our signature formula, honed by our own personal techniques and rituals, to give you the core knowledge and skills to select what works for you. We guarantee that by reading our book, and following our methods, you will empower yourself to dress and feel fabulous.

Outfits in Minutes provides in-depth insights into footwear shapes and meanings, a new approach to dressing for your style, and practical advice for wearing and combining colours.

In this compact guide packed full of clever formulas and techniques, we take you on a journey of learning and discovery, to help you achieve the ultimate goal of creating flattering outfits which represent you at your best.

Arm yourself with this book to save yourself time in the morning, and ensure you always leave the house with a smile on your face, and a confident stride.

Life’s too short to be wasting it in front of your wardrobe. Get started now, and pull together your outfits in minutes.


Buy Outfits in Minutes: A Guide for Time-Pressed Women for only £1.99/U.S. $2.99. Hurry, as this offer expires on Sunday 1st February at 4pm GMT*

If you enjoy Outfits in Minutes: A Guide for Time-Pressed Women, I’d be really grateful if you could take the time to write a review on Amazon.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about it too.

Thank you!


*Normal price £3.99/$5.98
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I spent an afternoon at the Women Fashion Power exhibition at London’s Design Museum, and was fascinated to learn more about how our clothing and position in society have been so entangled.

From corsetry to suffragette uniforms to 1980s club-wear, we follow the journey of women’s complex relationship with clothing which enhances, conceals or empowers.

I couldn’t help but share some of the footwear styles, which stood out either because of their beauty, shockingness, or cultural significance.

Intricate femininity


1920s – beaded and sequinned











Optimistic yellow x art deco

1920s - yellow satin

1920s – yellow satin












Utilitarian meets reptile

1941 - snakeskin

1941 – snakeskin













Disco does ornate

1970s - lurex brocade platforms

1970s – lurex brocade platforms















Pretty power dressing 

1980s - yellow leather PJ Shoes

1980s – yellow leather PJ Shoes










Girly street

1988 - Art of Puma

1988 – Art of Puma











Workwear for the recession

1990s - Dr. Martens

1990s – Dr. Martens













Over-the-top luxury

2014 - Isolde by Christian Louboutin

2014 – Isolde by Christian Louboutin











Antique inspiration

1999 - Silk ottoman fabric with crystal buckle by Manolo Blahnik

1999 – Silk ottoman fabric with crystal buckle by Manolo Blahnik















The artist

2007-08 - Watercolour, ink, pencil by Manolo Blahnik

2007-08 – Watercolour, ink, pencil by Manolo Blahnik














Classic Westwood

2013 - Vivienne Westwood Red Label

2013 – Vivienne Westwood Red Label













I highly recommend taking a couple of hours to see this exhibition for yourself, before it closes on April 26th 2015.

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In the Mexican city of Matehuala in 2009, a footwear phenomenon like no other began.

In recent years, Tribal Guarachero music has become popular in Mexico and parts of the U.S. A mash-up of traditional pre-Hispanic folk influences and electro, with Cumbia basslines: if you can’t imagine how that sounds, look up Erick Rincon.

Male dance troupes were competing to out-perform each other to the new sounds of Tribal music. First came their matching outfits, then they decided to work on their boots.









Beginning with small elongations of classic cowboy boot styles, the competitive nature of these young men led to longer and longer curled up toes.

Made from plastic piping and foam, leather, and screws to hold them together, Botas Tribaleras or Botas Picudas (literally translated as beaked boots), became the footwear style of choice for male Tribal Guarachero dancers.













Skinny jeans are worn to contrast with the dramatic boots. This trend gives the men a definite peacock-like strut. Well, could you walk any differently in them?

Apparently this style is attractive to women: “girls wouldn’t dance with you if you weren’t wearing pointy boots“. What would you say to a man who swaggered up to you in a pair?

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How much do you love shoes?

Do you think this is defined by how many pairs you own, how much you spend on footwear, or how many minutes of the day you spend thinking about them? Perhaps you have other ways of proving your love for shoes: do tell!

Another way to display this obsession is to purchase a shoe to wear around your neck. Have I gone mad over the holiday period? Nope.













This Maison Martin Margiela necklace is made from beautifully soft calf leather, with a black cotton bow. It has the look of a luxe sneaker.














It also comes in black.













The blingiest version in metallic lemon has a detailed oxford brogue pattern.

So, do you love shoes this much?


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Since Heelys have gone out of fashion, they have left a gap in the market for shoes that you (or your kids) can really have fun in.

Skechers are launching Game Kicks in February: these trainers incorporate a light and sound memory game on the uppers.








What really got me thinking about fun with footwear was the book I gave my brother for Christmas, which contained useless inventions from the past.

The one that caught my eye – along with a design for a spring-loaded device for preventing the toes of shoes from curling up with wear – was this invention for a rotating heel.

Although this heel was designed to be rotated in increments to ensure even wear on the heel tip, I think someone should design footwear that lets you spin on your heels just for fun.
















If you fancy reading more about these nutty inventions, this is the wonderful book:

Let me know your ideas for fun footwear inventions in the comments or on Twitter @shoeconsultant

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