• Woven wedge
    Woven wedge
    The dark tan of these leather APC sandals is beautifully warm against all skin tones. The light colour of the suede wedge wrap lightens the look.
  • Bright & simple
    Bright & simple
    Yellow is a more wearable colour than you might think. It perfectly sets off neutrals in your clothing like navy or beige. Thanks J. Crew.
  • Light wedge
    Light wedge
    These surprisingly lightweight black and pale pink & Other Stories wedges are great for those of you who love black, but need a less heavy look for summer.
  • Statement wedge
    Statement wedge
    This colour and print combination shouldn't work, but somehow does. The triangular cut-outs and all leather upper and lining add breathability.
  • Metallic fringe
    Metallic fringe
    Pale gold is a pretty summer neutral, which is great for day to evening wear. Think how much space you could save in your suitcase with these J.Crews.
  • Simply coral
    Simply coral
    These Sol Sana flats offer plenty of support (and no escaped toes). The colour gives a fashion aesthetic, as good with dresses as cropped tailored trousers.
  • Raffia flat
    Raffia flat
    J. Crew give us an unexpected combination of metallic with raffia texture, to add interest to your flats. The wraps around the ankles give a relaxed look.
  • Metallic flatform
    Metallic flatform
    From the quirky Taiwanese brand "All Black", these easy Bronze sandals show that the flatform trend is still hot.
  • Pale flat
    Pale flat
    Made in Portugal, these quality leather sandals are not only APC's finest minimalist chic, but are comfortable enough to wear all summer day long.
  • Iridescent snake
    Iridescent snake
    There's something very pretty about these strappy sandals from J. Crew. The multi-toned effect of the snake textured leather adds glamour.
  • X-strap flat
    X-strap flat
    Although they give a nod to the Birkenstock trend, these comfortable elasticated & Other Stories flats are thankfully too glam to be "ugly shoes".
  • Red wood
    Red wood
    The Scandi clog look is updated this season with these scarlet sandals from Cos. Comfort from a light wooden heel, platform, elastic straps & padding.
  • Gold bling
    Gold bling
    Fed up of only finding pale gold sandals? These brassy gold J. Crew ankle strap flats are great for matching with your jewellery for a dressier look.
  • Soft & silver
    Soft & silver
    The leather soles of Ancient Greek Sandals form to your feet over time for optimum comfort. The quality silver leather of the straps is pretty and comfy.
  • Airy slide
    Airy slide
    Although they're known for gladiator-style footwear, Ancient Greek Sandals have pared it back this season with these perforated slides.


I trawled the streets of London’s West End (it’s a tough job…) to bring you this selection of the most comfortable and beautiful sandals in the shops.

Are you looking for something blingy and flat for day to evening wear, or a minimal wedge to set off your work outfit? There’s a style for every occasion here. Enjoy!

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  • 70s demi-wedge
    70s demi-wedge
    A suede upper on a wedge always reminds me of the 1970s. As that's the hot decade this summer, be on-trend by rocking these with flares or maxi skirts.
  • Librarian chic
    Librarian chic
    That slightly geeky look still looks great. Wear these with a knee-length skirt and rolled-up T-shirt to avoid the very serious buttoned-up look.
  • Work sandal
    Work sandal
    For work-places without closed-toe dress codes. Wear below-the-knee skirts to keep the look demure, and try tights or painting your nails a subtle colour.
  • Wedding guest
    Wedding guest
    With a 7½cm heel, these nubuck T-Bars are the perfect height for your friend/cousin/boyfriend's colleague's special day. All day.
  • Weekender
    These patent flats are so pale, they should flatter even the pastiest of winter feet and give the illusion of a slight tan.

Have you heard about the fantastic brand Duo? Maybe you already know about their boots, which are available in 11 different calf widths.

The great thing about this company is that they also offer three different width fittings for all of their sandals, including the fabulous options above.

Narrow (19.5-20.9cm)

Standard (21-22.4cm)

Wide (22.5-23.5cm)

The measurements detailed are the circumference of the widest part of your foot (around the sticking out bones at the base of the big and little toes). You can measure this with a fabric tape measure at home.

Find out which shoe, sandal and boot styles will flatter your shape, by downloading my book Outfits in Minutes: A Guide for Time-Pressed Women, co-written by the fabulous Samantha Clarke.

This essential guide is packed full of tips and methods to help you look your best, without those moments of panic in front of the wardrobe.

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Some people love sky-diving or bungee jumping for getting their blood pumping and giving them a rush. For others, riding roller coasters or running a marathon makes them feel alive.

For me, it’s the feeling I get just before I give a talk that makes my heart beat faster. Yes, public speaking is my adrenalin sport.

Although I have been speaking in front of small and large groups of people for many years, I still get nervous. When I know it’s a tough crowd, or if I spot a hero of mine in the audience, those things add to the pressure.

Just as actors say they wouldn’t be at peak performance if they weren’t nervous, I have experienced the focusing effect that butterflies in the stomach have on me.

If you’re feeling anxious before a presentation, don’t fight it. Embrace the nerves. You know your subject inside out. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been asked to present.

Imagine you’re at the top of a roller coaster, about to get the thrill of swooping down the steepest part. Now think about that exhilarated feeling at the end of the ride. If you think about public speaking in these terms, it seems exciting rather than terrifying.

You’ll find when you get into your presentation, it begins to feel easier and you get into your flow. If you rehearse your whole presentation, with particular focus on the first and last few minutes, it will help you to feel in control throughout.


Find out more about booking Susannah Davda a.k.a. The Shoe Consultant to speak at your event or conference on our Speaker page or email


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There was a generation of women for whom the 1980s could be seen as a regretful decade. Many wholeheartedly embraced the pointed stiletto trend of the time, and ended up with deformed feet and bunions.

You might be surprised to learn that in my mission to promote comfortable AND beautiful footwear, I don’t recommend avoiding pointed footwear completely.

Younger shoe-lovers can learn some lessons from our mothers’ generation.

My top tips for wearing shoes with pointed toes

1. Alternate round and pointed-toed footwear from one day to the next. One of the problems with those 80s stilettos was that ladies wore them to work day in, day out.

2. Wear flat points to decrease the pressure on your toes. If you wear heeled points, give your feet a couple of days to recover in more spacious toe-shapes.

3. Buy shoes with leather uppers and linings, as these will stand the best chance of giving a little to form around your feet. Fabric and synthetic materials don’t stretch.

4. Practice yoga or pilates. Both of these disciplines help you to stretch your toes back out.

5. Visit a chiropodist if you have any foot concerns. I know it’s not a sexy thing to spend your money on, but uncared-for feet aren’t pretty either.


With leather uppers and linings, these Office pumps with their small platform are flat without losing you too much height.

The silver works well for day-to-evening, white is great for a sporty but smart weekend look, and many of you can get away with the black for work.


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  • Court in the act
    Court in the act
    This pretty coral suede court shoe is contrasted more conservatively with a black heel. This helps these beauties to take you from the office to the bar.
  • Simple sandal
    Simple sandal
    If your look is minimalist, elegant and pared-back, this is the heeled sandal for you. The simple straps ensure the black doesn't over-power.
  • Mule plus
    Mule plus
    Slides and mules are making a big come-back. This on-trend 10cm quirky-heeled sling-back gives the look of a slide with extra support from the straps.
  • Classic comfy court
    Classic comfy court
    With no hard edges and a wearable 8.5cm heel combined with a platform, this could be the most comfortable black court shoe you've ever worn.
  • Stand-out sandal
    Stand-out sandal
    Animal prints are a great way of spicing up easy-to-wear neutral colours. This stunning sandal has intriguing flat metal details.
  • Versatile Mary-Jane
    Versatile Mary-Jane
    The contrast of patent with matte snake gives this comfortable neutral Mary-Jane textural interest. This style would be ideal for all day and night.


Perhaps our cries for shoes that are comfortable AND beautiful are starting to be heard.

Clarks’ “Softwear” range incorporates bubble cushion beads to cushion under-foot.

As my chiropodist says, they also keep your feet from slipping forward. Her recommendation as an expert on foot comfort speaks volumes.

Now you have the tough choice of which of these comfortable heels fills the gap in your shoedrobe.

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I recently heard about a shoe brand called Betsy. After I recovered from their theft of one of my top 10 names for future daughters, I realised how cute and wearable their sandals are.

There’s nothing like a white sole to scream “summer”, and give a sporty casual edge. The lightweight wedges are easy on the legs and back, and great for warm weather sightseeing.

Analpa, who own Betsy, J.Elisabeth, and Keddo brands, kindly sent me this pair of cross-strap beauties. Even against my pale, pasty Spring feet, this rich warm tan colour is very flattering.

The other colours in this style are also easy-to-wear too. The mint will suit darker skin-tones, and look fabulous with navy and white.


Try the yellow with denim of any shade, or make it pop with purple.


I love the simplicity of this ankle strap sandal. The wider straps make the perfect platform for colour blocking. Have some fun with one of these delightful options. I’m coveting the bone/blue combination for when my feet have seen the sun.


If you don’t fancy a wedge, or are lucky enough not to need the extra height, these T-bar flats are very much on-trend. The flash of metallic adds a little glamour to an easy-going style.


Are you a Betsy convert? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me @ShoeConsultant.


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Are you looking for a special sandal to wear to a wedding, or for a hot date? Perhaps you need to stand out at a party.

This Karen Millen sandal is the ultimate antidote to the “goes-with-everything but says nothing” black strappy sandal.








This style, with its snake-textured yellow and white upper, adds personality to your outfit. The colour combination looks divine with pale blue, grey, white, or dark green.

If you’re used to wearing high heels, this 4″ block heel won’t phase you. The soft leather upper and absorbent leather lining add comfort, with the heel offering stability.






The supportive ankle straps and wide toe band should prevent blister-causing areas of friction.

Now if the cold breeze can just turn warm…

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  • Black matte
    Black matte
    The serious option. Colour meanings: resolve, sombreness, intelligence and mystery. Great with teal, turquoise, bright pink or white.
  • Blue patent
    Blue patent
    The cool option. Colour meanings: smartness, stability, coolness and power. Wear with white or bright red.
  • Chartreuse patent
    Chartreuse patent
    The individual option. Colour meanings: trustworthiness, wealth, creativity and calmness. Wear with grey, cream, navy or white.
  • Natural snake
    Natural snake
    The neutral option. Colour meanings: kindness, reliability, steadiness and approachability. Wear with dark brown, tan or white.
  • Pink patent
    Pink patent
    The girly option. Colour meanings: tenderness, sensitivity, love and sympathy. Wear with mustard, gold, navy or white.
  • Silver mirror
    Silver mirror
    The glam option. Colour meanings: sleek, modern, sophisticated and elegant. Wear with any colour except gold or bronze.
  • White matte
    White matte
    The minimalist option. Colour meanings: innocence, optimism, honesty and efficiency. Wear with bright pink, pastels or bright red.

Do you love it when a brand makes your favourite style in loads of different colour options?

When I really like a shoe, I’ve bought it in 3 or 4 colourways in the past. As long as the style is relatively timeless, affordable, comfortable and fits you well, it’s a good idea.

This sandal from Office is a great basic, and the 4cm block heel gives you extra height without instability.

Although the upper is made from synthetic leather, these sandals are lined with real leather, which will make sure they don’t feel too sweaty.

Would you like to find out more about which colours go together, and how to make shoes your colour playground?

You can find all this and much more in my book Outfits in Minutes: A Guide for Time-Pressed Women.


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Ever powerless to resist the magnetic pull of a shoe-shop, I popped into the Fleet Street branch of Jones Bootmaker.

In my constant quest to promote comfortable and beautiful shoes, I was impressed by their Twenty Four Seven range. The sales assistant told me that the styles in this range have memory foam in the insock for extra comfort. They certainly felt nicely cushioned.

twenty four seven






Don’t worry, the styles aren’t boring and black! They have this 3/4-cut shoe in Red or Grey, and the sexy court shoe in multi-toned or neutral ivory python.















All of these options are ideal for wearing to work, and from wedding ceremony to dancing the night away.














Thanks for thinking of our poor feet Jones!

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