Have you ever wished you could commute comfortably in heels? Maybe you’d love a pair which you could wear all day at a wedding, and still dance the night away in. I’m always on the look out for high heels which are so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. You’ll be thrilled to know I’ve found you a pair of heels you’ll want to wear everwhere.

comfortable high heels sole bliss red suede carmen

Straight out of the box on the first wear at home, these Sole Bliss courts felt great.

This miracle brand was launched by the designer Lisa Kay, who has been running her successful eponymous brand for 35 years. She launched Sole Bliss so that ladies with bunions could wear glamorous shoes comfortably. If you look at Sole Bliss’s Instagram feed, you’ll see that none other than Dame Helen Mirren is a fan of their beautiful shoes.

Sole Bliss logo

I tried out the Sole Bliss bright red suede “Carmen” court shoes, to see just how comfortable they are. Although I don’t have bunions, my tolerance of uncomfortable high heels is very low. The trend for trainers and flats has a lot to answer for!

sole bliss carmen red suede shoes for bunions

My first trip out in my Carmens was a commute into Central London for a business meeting. Not only were these shoes very comfortable, but my client loved them too.

Next I went shopping in these easy-to-wear court shoes.

red shoes red carpet sole bliss bunions

After blending in with the carpet in the bookshop…I strode on to explore more lovely lovely shops, and my shoes definitely turned some heads.

sole bliss carmen red suede shoes shoe consultant

I decided these shoes were too good to keep from my husband, so I wore them on our monthly date night. There’s nothing like red shoes to make you feel at your sexiest. Here was me getting ready.

Red shoes beige bathroom sole bliss bunion comfortable heels

I also wore these shoes when I went for coffee with my friend. I even took one off to show her the incredible cushioning and arch support(!).

red suede shoes coffee sole bliss bunion

What was the greatest test I gave my shoes? A trip out with my toddler. I thought buggy pushing might be tricky in heels, and I’ve never attempted it before. In these, it was easy! Maybe I can skip my mum uniform of jeans and flats now and again.

heels you can wear anywhere

I couldn’t resist a cheeky shot of these shoes against my friend’s fabulous sofa (don’t worry, my shoes were clean).

red shoes pink sofa sole bliss

In conclusion: if you want beautiful high heels for daywear or an occasion, Sole Bliss have some lovely options. The Carmen style comes in quite a few colours, and has a well-balanced 75mm/2.5″ heel which definitely doesn’t feel high. There’s also a higher 90mm/3.5″ version called Pandora, which is apparently one of Dame Helen’s favourites.

These are comfortable, beautiful shoes for women with bunions or without.

Let me know if you’re tempted to purchase a pair (or already have) in the comments.

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Are you looking for a truly unique gift for your friend, sister, daughter or mum this Christmas? A Christmas shoe gift voucher makes the perfect present for a shoe lover. Who wouldn’t want to be treated to the gift of their very own personal shoe shopper?

shoe gift voucher personal shoe shopping

Find out why giving a life-changing shoe gift voucher will make you very popular with your friends and family this year.

For a limited time, I’m offering *free special delivery guaranteed by 1pm next day* with every gift voucher order. Just order by 12pm for next day delivery.

You can choose between a high quality silver or gold envelope for your voucher. I’ll enclose your shoe gift voucher and special metallic envelope in another envelope so they arrive in perfect condition. Simply put your envelope colour preference of silver or gold in the “order notes” box at the checkout.

If you’re really pushed for time, I can email the voucher to you to forward to the recipient. You can also print it at home if you prefer.

christmas shoe gift voucher personal shoe shopping

A shoe gift voucher is for the Express VIP Shoe Shopping service. With my one-to-one advice, the recipient can find their perfect pair in just 1 hour. I’ll take them shopping in Central London and help them start their journey towards the perfect shoes for them for life.

I know exactly where to look for comfortable, beautiful shoes they’ll love to wear again and again. They won’t even need to try on many pairs, as I know at a glance what will work for them.

Help your loved ones to start the new year with new shoes. They’ll be so happy you did.

A shoe gift certificate for the Express VIP Shoe Shopping service is just £97, so order now to see someone’s face light up this Christmas.

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Do you live in your slippers from October to April, or maybe even longer? Taking off your shoes and sinking into comfortable wool slippers is a ritual which can mark the end of a busy work day. When you put your slippers on, you know it’s time to relax.

comfortable wool slippers twinnits

I recently discovered an amazing new brand of comfortable wool slippers called Twinnits. These ridiculously comfortable house shoes were designed by a pair of young podiatrists. As the name Twinnits suggests, Claudia and Laura are twins. They studied podiatry together, and decided to start developing their brand of slippers whilst still at university. They have managed to create comfortable slippers which support your feet, and help you to avoid foot and back pain.

comfortable wool slippers Twinnits

I’ve been trying out a pair of Twinnits’ comfortable wool slippers for over a month. As well as keeping out the draughts from my 90 year old house, they’re exceedingly comfortable.

comfortable wool slippers Twinnits

You can tell that the footbed was designed by podiatrists when you wear Twinnits slippers. It feels cushioned but supportive like a memory foam mattress. If you have orthotics from your chiropodist, you can easily remove the footbeds and insert your orthotics instead. You could also remove the footbeds and give them an airing from time to time. This would be particularly beneficial if you choose the closed-in boot style.

comfortable wool slippers twinnits

The wool felt uppers and footbed cover make sure your feet are comfortably warm, but not sweaty. This natural material has excellent properties of moisture absorption, insulation, and stain repellence.

comfortable wool slippers Twinnits

The soles are made from textured leather, which means you won’t slip on hard floors. They’re also soft enough that they won’t mark your floors like rubber soles can. The breathable wool means you can wear them in winter or summer, with bare feet or socks.

comfortable wool slippers Twinnits

Do you love supporting smaller brands rather than large corporates? Head over to Twinnits’ Kickstarter campaign now. You can support the brand in a small way or invest more, and be paid back in fabulous comfortable wool slippers!

I opted for the toned-down Scandi feel of the Cloud colourway. You can check out some of the other beautiful colour options available below.

Do you wish your outdoor shoes were as comfortable as your slippers? They can be if you book a One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session with us. We’ll help you to find comfortable, beautiful shoes which suit your feet, style and lifestyle.

personal shoe shopping

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As the Peppa Pig saying goes, “Everyone likes jumping up and down in muddy puddles”. Is this true for you? If you’re anything like me, you skirt around muddy puddles when you’re wearing your favourite leather boots. Whether you have children or not, there’s something very freeing about acting like a kid every so often. So, what do you need to enjoy larking about in the mud and rain? My selection of the best womens wellies in the UK of course!

best womens wellies in the uk puddle jumping


Should you put up with boring old plain wellies or blah prints? No, I don’t think so. Check out the Top 8 best womens wellies in the UK right now in the slide show below. Not a dull option amongst them!

  • The prize for the best welly which looks like a proper boot goes to Joules. Their Downton boot has a quilted look, faux fur trim, and a warm lining.
  • Nothing makes you want to act your shoe size like this bright yellow boot from award-winning Portuguese brand Lemon Jelly.
  • The most sophisticated boot in my selection, this colour-blocked style from Brit brand Barbour gives your rainy walks a seriously fashionable twist.
  • Do you have wider than average feet? If so, than this fabulous black glitter welly will glam up your puddle jumps. Thanks Mel by Melissa!
  • Feel the winter alpine vibes in these ASOS reindeer-print boots. The matching blue faux fur trim and sole ensure you don't look like santa's elf.
  • Lemon Jelly let you customise your boots with removable straps. This boot comes with a fabulous glitter and fur option, and a plain alternative.
  • British brand Hunter is celebrities' go-to brand for festival footwear. Why wear their plain classic, when you can have a purple quilted rain boot?
  • Want to stand out in the rain? Channel the 1930s in these pink and white Spats wellies. A must for any vintage-loving lady.


When you look out of the window and see this, why not put on your wellies and go out splashing?

best womens wellies in the uk rainy day


If you’d like to jump with joy at the rest of the shoes in your collection, why not treat yourself to a personal Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping trip. These exclusive experiences will change the way you shop for shoes forever. It’s time to prioritise yourself, and find comfortable, beautiful shoes you love.

personal shoe shopping

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Have you given up on high heels because of the pain? Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to wearing flats, and carrying your heels to change into. If you’ve ever wondered how you can find truly comfortable high heels, then read on.

truly comfortable high heels uncomfortable pink stilettos

On my continuous quest to find brands who are making high heels more wearable, I came across an amazing lady. Dr. Liza Egbogah BSc, DC, DOMP is one of North America’s leading body and posture experts. She practices as a manual osteopath, and is the clinic director of the[fix], a boutique osteopathy, chiropractic and massage clinic in Toronto. Frequently appearing on morning shows across Canada’s TV networks, Dr. Liza loves to talk about her shoe brand.

Dr. Liza pump shoes truly comfortable high heels

Launched in Spring 2017, the dr. Liza pump is the answer to many women’s prayers.


10 things you’ll love about Dr. Liza’s truly comfortable high heels

1. They have 3.75″/95mm heels but feel like 3″/80mm because of the 0.75″/20mm platform.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels

2. The heels are really well balanced, helping to prevent dangerous wobbles when walking.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels walking in heels


3. These court shoes have the perfect amount of toe cleavage (the gaps between your toes). Not so much toe cleavage that the shoes don’t stay on, but exposed enough that the style doesn’t look frumpy.

Dr. Liza shoes perfect toe cleavage truly comfortable high heels

4. The soles have better grip than many high heels, so you don’t need to worry about slipping over.

Dr. Liza shoes non-slip soles truly comfortable high heels

5. The style is conservative enough for the office, and sexy enough for fun after work.

Dr. Liza Shoes truly comfortable high heels

6. The comfortable cushioning and arch support is like a cradle for your feet.

Dr. Liza Shoes truly comfortable high heels

7. The soft leather upper gives extra comfort, as well as a rich, premium look.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels

8. The leather lining ensures your feet feel comfortable, not clammy. Leather absorbs perspiration away from your feet.

Dr. Liza Shoes leather lining truly comfortable high heels

9. The rocker shape of the sole helps you to walk more naturally and comfortably.

Dr. Liza pump rocker sole truly comfortable high heels

10. The subtle branding. Every colour has the same neat blue heel tab and sole.

Dr. Liza shoes truly comfortable high heels

Dr. Liza ships her truly comfortable high heels to the UK and other countries around the world. Why not put a pair on your Christmas list?

santa shoes please bauble

If you struggle to find comfortable high heels, it’s time to book yourself a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session. You’ll be amazed by the transformation you’ll see in your shoes and your confidence.

VIP personal shoe shopping

When you order both a Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping session at the same time, you’ll save yourself £100. Simply enter coupon code “NEWSHOES” at the checkout.

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Do you sometimes find multi-coloured shoe styles you love, but just don’t know what you’d wear them with? Not everyone wants to take a risk with their outfits. Have you ever thought you’d receive unwelcome comments for not getting your attire quite “right”? I’ve found a stunning multi-coloured boot style for you, that will easily work with your existing wardrobe. You can have fashion without fear.

Aquazzurra Alix Jacquard fashion without fear

A consultancy client of mine walked into our meeting last week wearing a fabulous pair of boots. Not only were they beautiful, they were multi-coloured in a way that would co-ordinate with lots of different outfits. I asked her where they were from, and she said she bought them from “Finery“, and that they were very comfortable.

Which boots was my client wearing? They were this Clarissa Chelsea boot style.

Finery Clarissa Multi fashion without fear

The combination of “nutmeg”-coloured suede, black suede, and snake-print leather gives a bold look. The colour-blocking highlights the graphic design lines giving you serious fashion credentials. The block heel will keep you balanced, and at 60mm, it’s an easy to wear height.

What should you wear with these boots?

These are all of the colours you can wear with the nutmeg and black colourway:

  • Dark brown
  • Mid brown (not too yellow)
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Beige
  • White
  • Cream
  • Dark red
  • Dark green
  • Royal blue
  • Navy

If that extensive list isn’t enough, this Chelsea boot also comes in a combination of burgundy, a light pink “nude” suede and plum-coloured suede.

finery clarissa burgundy suede fashion without fear

This beautiful colour combination suits these clothing shades:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Beige
  • Navy
  • Pale blue
  • Plum
  • Pale pink
  • Burgundy

There’s no need to buy another pair of black boots when these multi-coloured beauties are so versatile. Why not buy something which makes you smile this time? You can play with fashion without fear.

If you’d like to discover which shoe colours go with your favourite clothing shades, join me for your very own One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping experience. You could even put it on your Christmas list.

personal shoe shopping fashion without fear

As my special gift to you, if you buy your One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping experience before the end of November, you can bring a friend along for free!*

If you’d like to buy any of our fabulous services as a gift, we’ll send you a gift voucher that you can either print out, or email to the recipient.

the shoe consultant gift voucher fashion without fear

*Simply add 2 x One-to-one VIP Shoe Shopping to the cart by November 30th 2017, enter coupon code “READERNOV17”, and your discount will automatically be added. Offer only valid when two people enjoy this experience together.
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I’m taking a short break to spend time with family and friends. I wish everyone celebrating Diwali a joyful time.

Happy Diwali 2017 gold diwa

I’ll be back next week with more shoe tips and recommendations.

Susannah x

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Do you have pairs of shoes you no longer wear? It’s sad to see them accumulating dust, so I strongly recommend a good clear out. It’s cathartic, and also means you’ll find the styles you do wear more easily. If you’re planning to sell your footwear on Ebay or another website, this guide is for you. I let you in on the secrets of how to photograph shoes properly.

how to photograph shoes for ebay

I like to think of selling footwear as turning your unwanted shoes into something else. For me, that’s normally more shoes!

I’ve been selling my own shoes online since 2004. I’ve also assisted on various photo shoots for shoe brands’ ecommerce sites. With the time I spend looking at shoes online, I know how to photograph shoes in the most flattering and lifelike ways.

How to photograph shoes

If you follow these simple steps, you’re more likely to attract buyers and bids to your listing.

1. No clutter

how to photograph shoes for ebay

  • Photograph your shoes indoors on a wooden floor or plain carpet (no patterns).
  • Use a white or pale coloured wall as the background.

2. Lots of light

Retro Adjustable polished copper desk lamp how to photograph shoes for ebay

  • You need as much light as possible to capture a strong image of your shoes.
  • Use natural light from windows and add more light!
  • If you have a standard lamp or desk lamp, use it.
  • No shadows: position your shoes and lamp so there aren’t any shadows of the lamp, you or the camera visible in the shot.
  • Experiment with and without your flash. If there’s enough ambient light, the colour of your shoes might be more accurately represented without flash.

3. Best camera

Panasonic DMC-TZ100 how to photograph shoes for ebay

  • Photograph your shoes with a proper camera if you have one, rather than your phone.
  • Cameras usually take better quality images than even the best phone camera. They also have additional settings, so you’ll have more control over the images you create.

4. If in doubt, crop

cropping how to photograph shoes for ebay

  • The best way to focus your potential buyers’ attention on the shoes you’re selling, is by honing in on them and removing excess borders.
  • Do leave a small gap around the shoes though. It’s more pleasing to the eye than the shoes running off the edge of the page. It also shows you’re not hiding anything.
  • Ebay’s photo upload tool is user-friendly, and lets you rotate and crop your photos then and there.

5. Stuff it

how to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • To make your shoes and boots stand up well and look their best, you should stuff them.
  • The tissue paper which comes in shoes when you buy them works well. You can borrow from other pairs, or keep a stash for Ebaying.
  • The knee-high boot in the photo above is stuffed with an empty 1.5l drinks bottle. When photographed from the side it looks plump and lovely like the images below.

6. The right shots

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • Ebay lets you include 12 photos for shoe listings. Try to use them all as buyers love photos. Below are the angles you should include.

Shot 1 – 3/4 view – Main photo

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • This angle is more flattering than a straight 90 degree side view.
  • When the toes are angled a little towards the camera, the shoes or boots look shorter.
  • You can also see more of the toe shape than you would side on.

Shot 2– Front view

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • It’s a good idea to shoot the front view slightly from above. This shows the toe shape better, and is more flattering than the squashed look you get straight on.

Shot 3– Close up of toe shape

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • This is one of the most important angles. Potential buyers want to know if the toes of their new shoes are pointed, almond or round.

Shot 4– Back view

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • For high heeled shoes, this angle will show the back view of the heel. This is a lovely view.
  • With boots it’s important to get the full length in this shot. Not the most flattering angle, but useful to the buyer, particularly if there are nice details on the back (you’ll also photograph these in close-up later).

Shot 5– Close up of heels

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • This is only necessary for boots. With shoes, just use the back view from Shot 4.
  • If you’re photographing shoes, perhaps add in another detail photo.

Shot 6– Attractive detail

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • Close-ups of nice details and branding are useful to the buyer. They will use these images to judge the quality of the product, and whether it’s genuine.
  • Any attractive detail is worth photographing in close-up, whether it’s brogue punching, a closer view of a print, or the leather finish.

Shot 7– Useful detail

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • Buyers will use these detailed shots to see whether your description and categorisation matches the actual product.
  • Photograph labels like the one above depicting size, brand and country of origin. If you haven’t removed it, shoot the composition label which says whether the product is leather or not.
  • Zips, Velcro, and other functional details are also useful for buyers to see.

Shots 8, 9, 10– Close-ups of defects

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • This could be anything from nicks in the leather, to scuffing or creasing. You’ll describe the defects in words, but nothing beats a picture.
  • Some sellers shy away from negative images like these, but in my experience, honesty is always the best policy. Don’t set your buyers up for disappointment.

Shot 11– Soles

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • The best way to get shoes or boots in position for this shot is to rest them on their backs/heels, and lean them towards each other. The sides of the soles will touch and (with a little patience) you can get them to balance long enough to take the photo.
  • The potential buyer will see how much grip is on the soles, and if there is any dirt.

Shot 12 – Close-up of wear on heels

How to photograph shoes for Ebay

  • Your buyer will want to know when the heels or soles might need to be replaced, so shoot worn areas as well as you can.


If you have any questions about how to photograph shoes to sell, please write your comment in the box below.

Does this all sound like too much hard work? Book my Shoe Wardrobe Analysis service, and I’ll not only help you to detox your shoe wardrobe, I’ll even Ebay your unwanted shoes for you!

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It’s easy to think that buying cheap shoes will save you money, but that’s just not the case. Here are 5 money saving reasons why you should buy quality shoes:

buy quality shoes

Give the best impression

Carefully constructed, quality shoes can look very different from cheaply-made equivalents. People judge each other by what they wear, and by their shoes in particular. It’s worth investing a little extra to project a more refined image to the world.

buy quality shoes

When you go for a job interview, give a presentation, or meet a prospective client, your appearance will be noticed. The impression your shoes give combined with your talents, can make a big difference to your income.

I’m a great believer in the saying Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Click To Tweet


Quality leather shoes are usually easier to clean and polish than cheap synthetic versions. Faux leather uppers will crack over time, and there’s nothing you can do to stop this.

shoe polish tower buy quality shoes

If you keep your leather footwear polished regularly, they can last for many years. Just make sure you invest in shoes you love that won’t date quickly.

When you buy quality shoes, you won’t need to purchase as many pairs, and you’ll spend far less.

Invest in shoes you love - Susannah Davda Click To Tweet

Better for your feet

Shoes that give you blisters can cost you a fortune in first aid products. Some brands of blister plasters cost as much as £1 per plaster!

blister plaster buy quality shoes

Quality leather linings in your shoes can help to prevent foot odour and unpleasant things like athlete’s foot. They’re also very comfortable to wear.

If you buy quality shoes which fit well, you’ll make fewer trips to the chiropodist. When you’re paying around £30 per chiropody session, it pays to buy shoes which don’t give you corns.


Well-made shoes are usually easier to repair than cheap moulded footwear. It makes better financial sense to resole your favourite boots than to buy a brand new pair. It’s also much better for the environment.

cobbler reheeling buy quality shoes

We develop a bond with our well-loved pairs, and it’s difficult to part with them. Quality shoes can have a longer life, especially when pampered by a cobbler now and then.

We develop a bond with our well-loved pairs - Susannah Davda Click To Tweet

Confidence boosting

When you buy quality shoes, you invest in your own self-esteem. Feeling good about how you look makes the difference between having a great day, and an OK day.

confident woman buy quality shoes

Uncomfortable shoes can distract you from the important things in life, work and play.

Uncomfortable shoes distract you from the important things in life - Susannah Davda Click To Tweet


For more essential tips on making great shoe decisions, join my mailing list, and download my book The Shoe Shopping Kit.

It’s only £3.99, or free if you have Kindle Unlimited. One Amazon reviewer wrote “Ms Davda’s knowledge and advice is brilliant. No more struggling in wonky heels and wondering why my feet hurt!”.

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Does your heart desire boots you’ll love to wear until next summer? This style will take you through these cold months, and winters for years to come. Are these your perfect comfortable heeled chelsea boots?

  • Classic navy with a flash of scarlet. The perfect mix of conservative and daringly fashionable.
  • Warm autumnal browns are great, but rich reds like this bordeaux shade offer a real mood boost.
  • A rich, warm neutral hue. Great for coordinating with the blue and brown hues in your wardrobe.


It’s up to you whether you fancy nautical navy and red, earthy “anthracite”, or the bordeaux and navy combination. Have a browse through the slide show to pick your favourite.

The 2 inch/52mm heels provide extra height without pain. In fact, they have what the maker of these boots Van Dal calls “Happy Feet” comfort.

This is provided by four different layers of cushioning, including a shock absorption pad. It’s placed under the hard-working balls of your feet to help prevent that burning sensation.

Van Dal Cato comfortable heeled chelsea boots

There’s nothing like the stability of a mid-height block heel to help you stride at speed. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll also love the zip fastening. Who really has time for laces anyway?

Van Dal Cato comfortable heeled chelsea boots

The darker finish on the toes of these fabulous boots is achieved by a technique called burnishing. It gives a rich, quality look to these comfortable heeled chelsea boots.

Van Dal Cato comfortable heeled chelsea boots

These boots are available at 50% discount at the moment. Last time I looked, all of the sizes were available too. You’d better hurry if you want to pick up a pair though.

Now I just need 1 more minute of your time. Please complete this 4 question anonymous survey to help me improve my business.

Create your survey with SurveyMonkey

Thank you! I’d love it if you could share the survey with your friends too.

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