The weather’s still (reasonably) warm, but at this time of year, with Autumn fashion in the magazines, we often start preparing our wardrobes for the colder months.

Since moving into a somewhat draughty house, slippers have become a must for my feet from around late September. At that point, my feet and I aren’t ready for the furry-lined booties which they snuggle into in deep winter. What they need are comfortable, lightweight options.

Margaret Howell is a fantastic British brand, with a penchant for heritage, minimalism, and beautiful materials. These slippers are delightfully soft, light, and comfortable, whilst looking rather Scandi-chic.

This option is referred to as “dusty pink”, but is almost beige.

The rich chocolatey “dark brown” option is easier to keep looking clean.

Referred to as “travel slippers”, these luxurious Italian-made suede slip-ons are heading towards the top of my Autumn wish-list.


Are you a slipper person, or do you think they’re for older people? Let me know what you think in the comments, or on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.


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