Where did The Shoe ConsultantTM come from?

Born into an unconventional family, with a father who hand-crafted shoes as a hobby; director Susannah Davda was the youngest of four children. She began to practice the art of performance and public speaking in the living room at home.

Shop Girl to The Shoe ConsultantTM

Susannah worked in five different shoe shops while studying. That was just the start of her footwear education, as she went on to study BA (Hons) Footwear Design at university.

Upon graduation, Susannah moved to London to seek her fortune. Although the streets weren’t paved with gold, she did land a buying/design role with a premium high street retailer.

Having worked in Design, Product Management, Buying, and Consultancy, Susannah has over 19 years’ experience in the creative and business aspects of footwear.

Expertise in Women’s footwear.

Experience in Men’s & Children’s footwear.


To help women and shoe brands to make better decisions about footwear.


Shoes should be comfortable and beautiful

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