Do you wish you could find more supportive high heels?

When I’m not writing or taking women shoe shopping, I help designers to make comfortable, beautiful high heels. I often encourage them to include arch support in their designs. This helps to reduce pressure on the balls of the wearer’s feet.

Finding high heeled footwear with built in arch support is extremely difficult, but luckily there is a solution.

I heard about Instant Arches® a while ago, but only recently had a chance to try them out. They were created by Dr. Rosenberg, who is a podiatrist in the USA. The idea is that they provide support, without affecting the fit or look of your lovely high heels when they’re on your feet.

They’re made from a firm foam (try saying that when you’ve had a drink), and have a self-adhesive backing.

Instant Arches® are easy to insert. I’ve made this quick video so you can see how to do it.


I found my high heels much more comfortable and supportive with the Instant Arches® , and would certainly recommend giving them a go if you feel you need a little more support.

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